Swings and roundabouts!

Albion Online discusses reworking the shape of the world

It's a known fact now that Albion Online will remain in beta into 2017, but perhaps you're not entirely clear on why that's the...
Wax on, wax off. Forever.

Shroud of the Avatar details further polish coming to the Ardoris scene

Cicadas. The scent of cherry blossoms. A soft "thunk" from bamboo pipes and the swishing noise of water. Soft words broken by shouts of...
The world is full of dangerous stuff. Survive it all by not being there.

Revival plots the course of cartography

If you have a lifelong vendetta against all things cartographical, be prepared for a lot of stumbling around while lost in Revival. The latest...
Earth below us, drifting, falling, floating weightless, coming home.

Wisdom of Nym: The 60 climb in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

As of this writing, I'm not quite 60 yet in Final Fantasy XIV. Thanks to real life, I'm a bit behind the curve, to...
Stop, woman, no crying.

The Division walks players through the Dark Zone in a new video

What's it like exploring the Dark Zone in The Division? It's a question asked by many people who know there is a zone which...
You need the pieces in place for this to be a thing.

Here’s an early look at Crowfall’s keeps

A lot of Crowfall is going to come down to the environments. That might seem a little bit odd or silly, but if you...