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Leaderboard: Which mounts would you like to see in The Secret World?

Funcom’s mount patch for The Secret World went live earlier today, and while we’ve talked a lot about the motorcycle in recent days, the new functionality got me to thinking about what else the devs might have up their sleeve.

What about watercraft? Or hang-gliders? Or skateboards? Pogo-sticks? It could happen. What kinds of mounts would you like to see? Vote after the cut and keep in mind that you can select more than one choice!

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Das Tal invites everyone to the alpha test for one day only

Das Tal’s Kickstarter campaign is staring down its final week, and with only a little over 27 grand raised of its $55,794 goal, it’s time to pull out all of the stops. The team’s key strategy? To get everyone in the game to see whether it’s worth supporting or not.

That’s why Das Tal will be opening up the alpha test to everyone for 24 hours on the last day of the campaign, June 9th. “We’ll make the game available for everyone next week to enable you to convince your doubting friends,” Fairytale Distillery posted. “We’ve been told that ‘you have to play it to understand it’ — let’s get this started then!”

Interested parties can create a temporary account with the key “free4all” to jump into Das Tal’s alpha on the 9th. The devs promise that in addition to the current content, they hope to have the first pass of the leaderboard system up and running then as well.

Source: Das Tal


Leaderboard: Would you play a wild west MMO?

I’ve been playing Call of Juarez: Gunslinger here lately. It’s nothing special, really, but it is a competent wild west shooter that I picked up for pocket change on Steam quite a while ago.

While the gameplay is overly familiar, the setting is not, and the soundtrack is pretty great, too, if you’re into twangy atmospherics, slide guitars, and the like. I’d certainly like to see an MMORPG set somewhere on the American frontier, and frankly it baffles me that no studio has done so yet.

What about you, MOP readers? Would you play a wild west MMO? Vote after the cut!

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Leaderboard: AI vs. player competition

Monday’s blurb about NCsoft and its AI research was sort of interesting, don’t you think? The Korean firm isn’t the first MMO company to highlight advances in artificial intelligence, though. Heck, Star Citizen was talking up its AI a year ago.

What about you, MOP readers? Do you care about AI advances in your games, or would you prefer that developers focus on player-vs.-player mechanics, systems, and the like? Vote after the cut!

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Leaderboard: Do you like the buy-to-play model?

I was discussing MMO business models with some friends this week, and one of them commented that buy-to-play is the best thing ever. I boggled at that because in my experience, buy-to-play is the same silly F2P song and dance that nickels and dimes you for every little in-game thing, only with an added client fee up front.

Which sounds fantastic if you’re a game dev! As a player, it sounds like I’m getting even less for my money.

What about you, MOP readers? Are you drinking the B2P kool-aid? Or do you prefer a different business model? Vote after the cut!

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Leaderboard: How often do you see your guild mates in meatspace?

I’m hosting some online friends at my meatspace house this month, and last March I flew out to stay with some other friends I’d been gaming with since 2004 but had never met in person. It was a blast and something I hope to do more of, travel logistics and costs notwithstanding!

What about you, MOP readers? How often do you see your online friends or guild mates in the real world? Vote after the cut!

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Leaderboard: Would you play an MMO with no combat?

Recently Worlds Factory published a piece about Wander subtitled “combat isn’t the only way.” After I finished pumping my fist and saying hell yeah in a louder-than-normal voice, I came back to reality and started asking myself how many of today’s MMO gamers would actually play an MMO with no combat.

And then I realized that instead of asking myself, I should ask you fine folk. Hence, today’s Leaderboard. Vote after the cut!

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Leaderboard: How many concurrent players must a title support to be called an MMO?

I’ve been playing a lot of GTA Online here lately, and while the recently released PC version ups the multiplayer ante over its console counterparts by supporting 30 avatars and a couple of spectators, that’s still a far cry from the number that I’ve arbitrarily assigned as the cutoff for calling something an MMO.

I say arbitrarily because of course “MMO” has no universally accepted definition. What say you, Leaderboard readers? How many concurrent players must a title support before you deem it an MMO? Vote after the cut!

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Leaderboard: Which style of MMO PvP do you prefer?

MMO PvP comes in a lot of different flavors, and while all of them involve sticking the pointy end into the other man to some degree, there’s a lot of variation in terms of how and where that sticking is accomplished.

You can get your PvP fix in small dedicated arena instances or huge zones like Elder Scrolls Online’s Cyrodiil or one of ArcheAge’s various conflict areas, all of which feature PvE activities right alongside the PvP. Or you can opt for one of those free-for-all games like Darkfall or EVE, where the PvP switch is basically “on” at all times. And don’t forget about those realm-vs.-realm titles either!

How about you, MOP PvPers? Which style of MMO PvP do you prefer? Vote below!

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Leaderboard: Which of the big four MOBAs is your favorite?

OK, MassivelyOP MOBA fans, it’s time to vote for your favorite game. We’re going to keep it simple for today’s Leaderboard, though. There are dozens of MOBAs, but there are basically four that get all the press (and presumably all the players).

Assuming you’re a MOBA fan, which of the big four is your favorite? League of Legends? SMITE? Dota 2? Heroes of the Storm? Vote after the cut!

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Leaderboard: Have you talked someone out of buying a game you like?

So here’s something that doesn’t happen very often: I talked a friend out of buying Star Citizen’s Vanguard LTI concept. In the past I’ve spoken enthusiastically about Cloud Imperium’s space sim sandbox and I’m still looking forward to it, of course. But in this particular case I advised my buddy to either spend $250 bucks on a ship he could tool around with immediately or just save the cash and see how (or if) the release-day virtual world appeals to him.

What about you, Leaderboard readers? Have you ever talked someone out of supporting a game you like? Vote after the cut and don’t forget to tell us which game in the comments!

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Leaderboard: Did you back Crowfall?

Crowfall’s Kickstarter ends this week. In fact, it ends tomorrow. By all accounts it’s been enormously successful, both in terms of the funds received as well as the total number of backers and the positive word of mouth.

I didn’t pledge because I’m not sure I’ll play it very much, though I am interested in several of its individual selling points. What about you, MassivelyOP readers? Did you support Crowfall financially? Vote after the cut and don’t forget to tell us why (or why not) in the comments.

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Guild Wars 2 starts second PvP ladder test season tomorrow

When we were kids, playing on ladders was a good way to get a scolding or a trip to the E.R. Now, they’re the exciting focus of online PvP seasons, such as Guild Wars 2’s upcoming second PvP ladder test season.

The new test season starts tomorrow, March 20th, and will go through Thursday, May 14th. By participating, players can take a shot at winning a mini llama or armor and helping the team iron out the bugs for the system. Players who amass a stable of mini llamas will subsequently be able to throw them into the mystic toilet and get out a much more dapper version.

[Source: Dev blog]


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