league of legends

Official Site: League of Legends
Studio: Riot Games
Launch Date: October 27, 2009
Genre: MOBA
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Mac

Well well well, how the turntable.

China cancels all international sporting events for 2020, sending LoL esports into limbo

If anyone here was looking forward to esports events that were set to be hosted in China like the League of Legends World...

Massively Overthinking: Can Amazon actually save Crucible?

Earlier this week, Amazon pulled Crucible back into closed beta for some hefty retooling, a move that surprised basically no one. We'd watched...

NCsoft MOBA Master x Master should’ve turned three years old in the west this month

Way back in 2014 on Old Massively, our team began covering Master x Master, a new MOBA by NCsoft, then in beta...
Make them fight.

Vague Patch Notes: MOBAs, battle royales, and shallow genre pools in the online gaming space

This past week, Nintendo announced Pokemon Unite, and then I had to go to see a doctor because I rolled my eyes so...
Well, you know.

Dawngate Revival project hits its Kickstarter target, but funding continues for nearly two more months

Hey, folks, remember Dawngate? The answer is probably "no, not in the slightest," which would make a certain amount of sense as the...

Massively Uplifting: Charity tourneys, Asheron’s Call in Animal Crossing, and over a million Kind Words

May day! May day! We have warm fuzzies incoming! And just in time to start June off with happier thoughts. And who couldn't use...
This is what we were really missing.

League of Legends esports matches will now have ads on the battlefield

At long last, Riot Games is going to bring the most desired part of professional sports to the esports events of League of...

SuperData April 2020: Games spending shatters more records thanks to the pandemic

This will probably come off as "water is wet" news, but for those who like to keep a finger on the pulse of these...

Fight or Kite: Valorant’s place in an MMO player’s rotation

The new hotness from Riot Games, developer of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, delivers twitchy, intense FPS action in Valorant....

SuperData March 2020: Digital games spending sets achieves new highs thanks to COVID-19

Back in in March, when SuperData was discussing February's monthly gaming revenue numbers, the analysis firm noted that COVID-19 hadn't yet had much...

COVID-19: Gamescom goes digital, Star Trek Online honors medics, Raph Koster tackles pandemic denialism

Welcome back to another roundup of how MMOs and the gaming industry are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Yesterday we reported on the news that...

Livestreams of Valorant’s closed beta broke a Twitch viewership record (because people wanted free keys)

Riot Games' multiplayer FPS Valorant was in a limited closed beta this past Tuesday, and there were a whole lot of people...

Riot’s Runeterra launches April 30 while COVID-19 slows Valorant

We were just talking on the podcast about how, with everyone stuck at home and looking for gaming outlets, that this is the perfect...
Of course 400 million people can be wrong. it just means they have a wider range of collective error.

Call of Duty wins a ‘first amendment’ lawsuit, Tencent sues cloud company for hosting its games

Ready for some litigious gaming news? Sure you are. In part the first, we look towards vehicle manufacturer AM General and its 2017 lawsuit against...
Ah yes, teamwork.

Massively Overthinking: How are MMO players faring through the pandemic?

This week's Overthinking is going to be a bit different from normal. As we've been covering extensively for more than the past two...

Valorant’s closed beta starts next week, while Runeterra improves its economy

In a bid to make all of the video games in the known universe, Riot Games is juggling several major projects right now. Its...

The Daily Grind: Have you ever paid for MMO-related services like coaching?

A few weeks back, MMO veteran dev John Smedley posted a tweet about paying for, of all things, coaching in a video game, and...

GDC plans summer events as studios from Gamigo to Blizzard to Riot see player surges

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread here in the US and around much of the world, changing life for nearly everyone - even in...
We're a team, let's fight like one.

Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics is out now on Google Play

Want to be able to play Teamfight Tactics on your phone? You can now, assuming your phone is of the Android variety. Riot's...

League of Legends card game Runeterra is having a productive beta

The League of Legends game universe is rapidly expanding, and at the forefront of this new generation is Runeterra. The Hearthstone-like digital...