The Repopulation rejects blame for Hero Engine’s financial struggles

The Repopulation's struggles with the money-troubled Hero Engine service have led to game delays, server downtime, and suspended development, and the drama continues today. Earlier this week,...

State lawmakers reissue subpoena for Curt Schilling

Lawyers for Rhode Island are attempting to reissue a subpoena for former 38 Studios head Curt Schilling to testify early next year about the...
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Student lands jail time for 2012 RuneScape robbery

Way back in 2012, Fordham University student Humza Bajwa was busted by New York cops for holding a pair of RuneScape players at (what...
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Alleged copyright infringer accuses Blizzard of copyright infringement

Blizzard is amping up its assault on gold-selling-and-bot-distributing company Bossland GmbH. The World of Warcraft maker was defeated by the German court system back...

Blizzard sues alleged bot purveyors for WoW, Diablo III, and HOTS copyright infringement

Back in May, Blizzard's attempts to thwart gold-selling company Bossland GmbH -- perhaps better known to gamers as the unit behind botting group HonorBuddy -- were stymied...

Blizzard secures rights to Overwatch’s name

Overwatch's tagline is, "The world needs heroes." If we might amend that motto in light of a recent story, it should add "...but no more...

New DMCA exemptions will preserve some abandoned online games, but not MMOs

Late last year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a petition with the U.S. Copyright Office seeking specific exemptions to the DMCA essentially on account of absurdity (because...
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Funcom is fined by Norwegian authorities

In January of last year, Funcom was subject to a raid by Økokrim, the Norwegian agency responsible for investigating and prosecuting financial crimes. The...
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Records indicate that Rhode Island’s deal with 38 Studios was meant to be secret

The 38 Studios story has been a mess since it was first announced, right up to the studio's collapse. It turns out that the...
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That Wizards of the Coast vs. HEX lawsuit has finally been settled

Good news, virtual card game fans! That long-running lawsuit between Hex Entertainment, Cryptozooic, and Wizards of the Coast is finally out of the way....

$12.5 million settlement approved in 38 Studios lawsuit

Three years after 38 Studios blew up and saddled Rhode Island taxpayers with more than $112 million in debt, a $12.5 million lawsuit settlement...

Kickstarter campaign ordered by attorney general to pay fines, make restitution

One of the very real risks of donating to a Kickstarter campaign is the danger that a company could take your money and never...

Bungie loses lawsuit to ex-Destiny composer

Ex-Destiny composer Martin O'Donnell has prevailed in a lengthy legal battle with developer Bungie. The company must restore O'Donnell's stock holdings and pay what...

RSI’s attorney responds to Smart’s Star Citizen demands

The strange saga of Derek Smart's quixotic campaign against Star Citizen continues. The game developer sicced his lawyer on RSI last month, delivering a series...

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts on dedication, delays, and Derek Smart

In a new and very lengthy interview with Polygon, Chris Roberts fields a wide range of questions about the development and delays of Star...

Star Citizen threatened with class-action lawsuit

Internet Warlord Derek Smart is at it again: This morning, the dev behind Alganon and Line of Defense ramped up his crusade against Star Citizen and Chris Roberts with...
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Zenimax’s Oculus lawsuit will proceed to trial

Fans of the Oculus Rift might be disappointed to learn that judge Jorge Solis has rejected the motion to dismiss a lawsuit leveled against Oculus...

Rhode Island strikes a $12.5 million deal with four 38 Studios defendants

Instead of producing an MMO, 38 Studios produced an ongoing legal battle of finger-pointing and agony over the state of Rhode Island's $75 million...

Derek Smart calls for FTC investigation of Star Citizen’s finances, presents Chris Roberts with list of demands

Game developer Derek Smart continues to be terribly concerned over the future fate of Star Citizen. After an epic-sized rant last week, Smart posted...

MMO Week in Review: Daybreak’s defiance (July 12, 2015)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered's Week in Review! Following...