The Daily Grind: Which MMOs make the level cap feel most satisfying?

I'm honestly of two minds when it comes to reaching the level cap in Guild Wars 2. On the one hand, it's the place where...
Skull go BLORF

The Daily Grind: How quickly do you aim for the level cap in MMOs?

It's rare for me to not be done with the leveling in a Final Fantasy XIV expansion or a World of Warcraft expansion in a couple...
Take with one hand and give with the other hand.

A player is leveling Priest in WoW Classic entirely by phone

In 2004 when World of Warcraft initially launched, leveling your character by phone presumably meant calling someone up from a land line and sitting there...
Red means dead.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood in review – leveling content

One of the things that I really do love about Final Fantasy XIV, from relaunch to now, is that it is indisputably a game that...
A Lad

Closers brings a Task Force upgrade for Wolfgang along with an April Fools’ dungeon

Ladies, look at your Wolfgang. Now back to me. Now back at your Wolfgang in Closers, then back to me. Thankfully, he's not me. And...
Blood flight.

World of Warcraft’s latest PTR build reduces the experience needed for all levels

Does it just take too dang long to level a World of Warcraft character at this point? Help is on the way in the...
Fresh-faced losers again.

Allods Online outlines the upcoming Spark Talents system

Why should you stop advancing your character in Allods Online just because you've hit the level cap? The game's next major update is going...

WoW Factor: The debate over World of Warcraft’s refer-a-friend nerf

Ah, another day and another thing to enrage people in World of Warcraft. Last time, it was that the Allied Race unlocks might (will)...

World of Warcraft Refer-a-Friend experience boost gutted to match Heirloom leveling speed

So, were all of the experience boosts you had in World of Warcraft there to get your character to max level as quickly as...
No, it's still not.

Destiny 2’s endgame is now helpfully locked behind Curse of Osiris access

If you've decided to hold off on buying the Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris DLC, good news! The game's endgame is now locked away...
Oh, who's a cutie.

Revelation Online adds in a new level cap and new bosses in the Uprising update

It's time to get better than you ever thought possible in the latest Revelation Online patch. Heck, better than it was possible to get,...
This is good planning. We know what we're doing here.

World of Warcraft may be making big changes to Artifact Knowledge with its next patch

Artifact Power is the big power mechanism behind making your Artifact weapon more powerful in World of Warcraft. That seems pretty straightforward; it's called...
We've done this before.

The Daily Grind: What leveling experiences do you dread in MMOs?

If you talked to Final Fantasy XI players, the Valkurm Dunes were the most dangerous place to be in the game. Really, it was...
You have to want it.

Check out Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’s new abilities in action

The second expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is bringing more than just new abilities; it's also bringing an extensive set of changes for existing...
Thinking over.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward in review – leveling content

At least we're finally thought the story. While we walk through a review of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward in its totality, we've taken three...
Wish you weren't here.

Blade and Soul’s newest patch revamps class progression and adds new regions to explore

The latest big patch for Blade & Soul has arrived, and it brings with it some major changes. Class trees and skill points, for...
Ice cold.

Wisdom of Nym: Looking at alts in Final Fantasy XIV

There is, really, no need to have a single alt in Final Fantasy XIV. This makes it a point of open curiosity for me about...
And wings, can't forget the wings.

Revelation Online details the fine points of aptitude

You'll earn experience by doing a lot of things in Revelation Online, but don't you wish that you could earn more experience for doing...
This was a group effort. Not a good one, but still.

Final Fantasy XIV discusses leveling and scenario bypassing items

Currently, if you buy a new copy of Final Fantasy XIV, you're going to have to level up to level 50 and clear all...
Do I look like a patient cow?

World of Warcraft’s secondary stats are dropping in power; here’s why

Players who log on to World of Warcraft's 7.1.5 test realm will no doubt have already noticed that secondary stats just aren't what they...