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Spoopy? No.

Lineage II’s various versions hand out Halloween heaps of celebratory candy and consumables

Let's be honest about something: The real spirit of Halloween is going up to someone's house in a flamboyant costume, asking for stuff you...

Lineage II shares the patch notes for updates arriving to all three variants of the MMO this week

Last week we reported on a set of patches arriving to all three variants of Lineage II on October 19th - standard, Aden, and...
No One Direction lyrics, I beg of you.

Lineage II celebrates summer by growing and smashing watermelons

The true meaning of summer, according to Lineage II, is smashing watermelons. Not eating watermelons, but smashing the heck out of them. See, you...
Trash pandas.

The MOP Up: H1Z1’s huge PlayStation 4 update

Do you remember when H1Z1 used to be about surviving the zombie apocalypse? Yeah, me neither. In any case, gear up and slide behind...

The MOP Up: Ring of Elysium gives out free adventure passes

Ever eye an adventurer or season pass in a shooter but feel too cheap to buy it? Reader Pasha tipped us off that the...
A straight line.

Lineage II Classic releases the patch notes for the Saviors update

It's time for Lineage II Classic players to be saviors because... well, the Savior update has arrived. And everyone with a character over level 20...
Work that soul, yo

The MOP Up: SoulWorker introduces Chii Aruel

There's a new character on the horizon for SoulWorker, and her name is Chii Aruel. The studio hasn't said much about her just yet, but...
When will the loot drop

Lineage II Classic increases drop rates across the board

The design of Lineage II Classic is leaning all in for its hardcore designation, but there's a different between "hardcore" and "outright frustrating." So...

Lineage II Classic celebrates NA launch with two in-game events as it opens yet another server

Earlier this week, NCsoft launched Lineage II Classic, giving players a chance to party (and grind) like it's 2003, and to celebrate the occasion,...

Lineage 2 Classic launches in NA today as Lineage 2 Revolution teases Batman collab and Lineage II Dark Legacy hits mobile

The Lineage franchise is working overtime this week. For starters, Lineage II Classic launches for North America today, after a successful run in Europe and...
A straight line.

NCSoft announces Lineage II Classic server coming October 3rd

Old-school MMO fans might want to pack their bags because next month, NCSoft is gonna take everyone on a nostalgia trip back to the...

Lineage II Classic succumbs to pirate fever

What's a pirate's favorite letter? You might think "Arrr," but he really loves the C! Dad jokes aside, swashbucklers have boarded Lineage II's classic server...
Cool, great, grand.

Lineage 2 Classic adds sieges, fishing, and achievements

It's heady times for fans of Lineage 2 Classic, as the European server has patched in its Saviors update. This large content patch contains many...

Play Lineage II Classic with a European promo key from Innova and MOP

Most MMORPG veterans are surely familiar with NCsoft's Lineage II, the 2003 sequel to the still-wildly-popular-in-Korea Lineage. Last spring, the EU publisher, Innova, began...

Lineage II: ‘Classic hardcore is back’

Lineage II formally launched on Steam this week, complete with a fresh-start server, Zaken. There are even server firsts rewards, mostly pirate-themed goodies, for those...