lineage ii

Official Site: Lineage II
Studio: NCsoft
Launch Date: April 27, 2004 (US)
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC
See Also: Lineage, Lineage Eternal

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Why I Play: How NCsoft’s Fafurion update saved Lineage 2 in 2019

I don't know what it is about Asian MMOs, but I'm inexplicably drawn to them. Maybe it has something to do with my background;...

Job postings point to an incoming Unreal Engine upgrade for Lineage II

Hey, you know what the MMORPG world needs? Another version of Lineage II! This one, however, doesn't appear to be another wholesale mobile version...

NCsoft Q3 2019: Another flat financial quarter as NCsoft pumps money into NCWest

Given the strange financial quarters that Blizzard, Funcom, Square-Enix, and Nexon had, you're surely wondering how NCsoft fared. And the answer is... about the...

The MOP Up: When no one’s online, the terror truly begins

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Cold times

The MOP Up: Monster Hunter World makes monster sales

We've known for a while now that Monster Hunter World was a beast of a game, both in popularity and sales. But it's good...

Lineage II updates raid bosses, hunting zones, questing, and vitality system October 30

A supplemental update to Lineage II's Fafurion update is on the horizon, bringing with it some new raid bosses to whale on and a...

The MOP Up: Google Stadia looms nigh

Are you ready for Google's attempt at cloud-based video gaming? Mixed feelings or not, Google Stadia is going to start its rollout next month...

Lineage II launches limited-time stat-buffing spellbooks to its store and a new free-to-play game

At this point, there are so many varieties of the Lineage series that my eyes are about to cross themselves. Between mobile versions, the...

The MOP Up: Dauntless’ Strike Force is all up in your face

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Desert Oasis: First impressions of Black Desert on the PlayStation 4 (and the PS Vita too!)

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Lineage 2M’s Korean teaser website states that something is ‘coming soon’ in September

We're not entirely sure what's big for September for the upcoming mobile MMORPG Lineage 2M, but it's easy to assume one doesn't open up...

Flameseeker Chronicles: What would a mobile Guild Wars 2 look like?

Ever wished Tyria could fit in your pocket? That dream could one day become a reality. A couple of weeks ago, we heard rumblings...

The MOP Up: Nexon’s Project V4 aims to be the best-looking MMO in your pocket

Nexon gave a preview of Project V4 at a media preview event lately, and this fantasy MMO looks like one of the most shiny...
Someone please clarify.

Become a raid boss and get rich in Lineage II’s Prelude to War update

Most MMO players have spent a substantial portion of their gaming careers beating the loot out of big, bad raid bosses, but if you've...

Lineage 2 Korea announces the arrival of the Death Knight on August 14

The Korean version of Lineage II is seeing an update on August 14th, and it is properly good and spooky. Or extremely edgelord. Really,...

The MOP Up: The Division 2 takes everyone to the zoo

Everyone likes free stuff, right? And anyone with a soul loves the zoo, too! It is probably a smart marketing tactic, then, that The...

NCsoft Q2 2019 financials: Guild Wars 2 may be eyeing a mobile version (again)

Those with long memories might recall that way back in 2010 prior to Guild Wars 2's launch, ArenaNet made a (small) bit of noise...
Trash pandas.

The MOP Up: H1Z1’s huge PlayStation 4 update

Do you remember when H1Z1 used to be about surviving the zombie apocalypse? Yeah, me neither. In any case, gear up and slide behind...

Battle Bards Episode 148: Composer spotlight on Inon Zur

On a special theme episode of Battle Bards, acclaimed composer Inon Zur is given the spotlight, especially for his contributions to several MMORPG soundtracks...

The Stream Team: Still celebrating Lineage II’s 15th birthday

Lineage II's anniversary party might have begun two months ago, but it is still going. And now that Massively OP's MJ has a chance...