Official Site: Livelock
Studio: Perfect World Entertainment
Launch Date: August 30, 2016
Genre: Online FPS
Business Model: B2P
Platform: PC

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Livelock will launch on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on August 30

PWE and Tuque Games have announced today that Livelock is officially launching on August 30th. The game had been scheduled for launch earlier this month...

The Stream Team: Launching into Livelock’s open protocol mode

The launch itself might have been postponed indefinitely, but as promised, MassivelyOP's MJ is heading back into Livelock to continue the campaign. So far,...
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Livelock’s launch delayed, no new date set

Friends, the headline pretty much says it all: Livelock has decided to delay its launch without announcing a new release date. The delay affects all...

The Stream Team: A first look at Livelock

Are you curious about Livelock? MassivelyOP's MJ is. And you know what that means! She'll be diving into the beta of the game to...

Livelock’s story trailer tells you what happens after the fall of the world

When the end of the world happens, do not worry. It just means that something pretty awesome is about to happen. That's the message of...

Livelock launches for PC and console on August 2nd at $19.99 price point

Perfect World's Livelock has a release date: August 2nd. The studio announced today that its top-down MMO shooter will land on PC, Xbox One, and...

E3 2016: Perfect World’s Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and Livelock

One thing that I see over and over in our comments sections when we cover Perfect World's MMOs is hatred for lockboxes and keys bought...
Robot unrock.

PAX East 2016: Hands-on with Perfect World’s Livelock

People who know me know that if there's just one thing in this world that I'm passionate about, it's probably robots. Robots are a...

PWE shooter Livelock reveals trailer for player Vanguard

Perfect World's upcoming robot-vs.-robot co-op shooter Livelock has a new video today showcasing the player Vanguard. "Quiet, diligent and calculated, Vanguard joins the roster of...
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Perfect World Entertainment announces Livelock, a top-down cooperative shooter

How do you feel about robots shooting other robots? If you would rate your feelings in that department as "Strongly Positive" or better, you...

Perfect World toys with ‘Livelock’ twitter teases

Perfect World Entertainment is up to something. The company has retweeted a tease Twitter account, @PlayLivelock, which has been tweeting out sci-fi nonsense about...