It's not happening, people.

Japanese closed beta starts up for Bless Online on April 28th

Still waiting eagerly on the North American localization of Bless Online? Japanese players don't have to wait. Japanese players get to take part in...
Boy, aren't you in a hurry.

Pearl Abyss might be hiring for a Black Desert Southeast Asia localization

It's always tricky to suss out unannounced plans for a developer from nothing more than job postings, but that's never stopped anyone before. Pearl...

Phantasy Star Online 2 will shut down in Southeast Asia on May 26

Phantasy Star Online 2 is five years old, but anyone who wants to play the game in North America without downloading an unofficial English...
What even is this game, does anyone know?

VALOFE opens up its Atlantica Online servers

Mind the dust, folks, and enjoy that new server smell. Atlantica Online's new North American servers come online today under the stewardship of VALOFE,...
Let's assume the dude on the righ represents ''the west'' here.

Rumor: Moonlight Blade is heading for the west

Remember Moonlight Blade? It's all right if you don't, we won't judge you. After all, the game isn't out over here and has no...

Aeria rebuts Bless North America cancellation rumors

We deal with a lot of rumors here, and while we generally filter out the entirely implausible ones, usually there are a lot of...
Keep it going, folks.

The Exiled attempts to support six languages

Localization is very important to the Germany-based team behind The Exiled, and as such, work has begun on expanding the game to six languages. In...
Now you try.

Skyforge AMA discusses pay-to-win and future content updates

Skyforge just released a major update, but it's also making an effort to reach out to its community more enthusiastically. Western producer Volker Boenigk...
A dragon's dog, Ma.

Dragon’s Dogma Online may be headed to the West eventually

At this point, there are no announced plans to bring Dragon's Dogma Online to Western audiences, something that no doubt makes aforementioned Western audiences...
I guess.

Dragon Quest fans are running a grassroots campaign for localizing Dragon Quest X

It's easy to forget that Square-Enix is running another MMORPG in addition to the two localized titles we have over here... unless, of course,...
Day, night, whatever.

Analyst: China should port MMOs westward (carefully!) as mobile competition stiffens

China is the biggest game market in the world. So why the heck do so many games exported from there to here seem to flop? That's the...
Bah, it was just a bird.

Pokemon Go players look for better disability options and snag a companion app

Have you ever suffered from depression? Not just being sad, but full-blown clinical depression? It's pretty horrible, and it prevents you from doing much...

E3 2016: A look at Blade & Soul’s new class, the Soul Fighter

Blade & Soul hasn't yet been out for a year and it's already gotten several updates, all good news for the players. While I had...
nin nin

Check out the Ninja Awakening for the Korean version of Black Desert Online

The Korean version of Black Desert Online is going to issue a wake-up call to Ninjas very soon. It's the next class to get...
What's it worth to you.

Skyforge producer’s letter shines a light on communication

Sometimes, it's really hard to know if the developers are listening to the players. Sure, you can tell players that the development team is...
Hunt that thing.

Monster Hunter Online’s unofficial English patch is due for release on May 30th

The good news for fans of the Monster Hunter franchise is that the Chinese version of Monster Hunter Online is pretty much totally accessible...
This is what we were really missing.

Tencent’s new Chinese console includes League of Legends in its lineup

If you've long wished to play League of Legends on a console, we're happy to tell you that this will soon be a thing...
You can't get far by just duplicating someone else's work.

Fragmented patches in localization, optimization, and siege

A good portion of the latest Fragmented patch will be invisible to most players. That's not to say that it isn't a big patch,...
It goes the same as a thousand before.

ArcheAge enters open beta testing in China

The worldwide availability of ArcheAge takes another step forward as the game's Chinese client enters its open beta test. This comes after several different...

Desert Nomad: Quality of life in the Black Desert

Hello friends, and welcome back to Desert Nomad. After last week’s in-depth look at Black Desert’s cash shop, I decided that this week I would...