It never ends.

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most familiar-feeling bars and taverns?

Star Trek Online has a bit of an advantage when it comes to giving me a place to hang my hat - it's really easy...
Burn it, sure.

The Daily Grind: Where are the spots you most identify with in MMOs?

It's going to be most relevant next week, but honestly I'm not even a little bit sad at the thought of Darnassus burning in...
Here in the open air!

Citadel: Forged with Fire will be patching out underground structures

It turns out that some of the players of Citadel: Forged with Fire are using underground structures for rather nefarious purposes. Not the fun...
You let me down, man.

Star Wars: The Old Republic moves its servers to a location far, far away (from the west coast)

Ahead of the game's large-scale server merge, the Star Wars: The Old Republic servers have had their physical locations merged into one. It turns...
Majoring in majoring, Major Major.

Revelation Online invites you to visit the Immortal Annex

The Immortal Annex in Revelation Online is a place of boundless learning, a faction devoted simply to studying, researching, learning, and never actually going...
Herp to the derp.

WoW Factor: Examining World of Warcraft’s 7.2 update

Patch 7.2 is the first real content patch that we've gotten for World of Warcraft post-Legion. Obviously, 7.1 wasn't devoid of content, but it...

Pokémon Go needs park permits in Milwaukee County to use park locations

The Milwaukee County Parks Department had a bit of a problem with Pokémon Go last year. It turns out that when you place various...
You were a pretty place.

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO city?

No matter the game, you have cities to deal with. Admittedly, they take unusual forms in some games; Star Trek Online and EVE Online...
It's the circle of something, anyway.

Gloria Victis adds new exile islands and smoother new player experience

Being a griefing jerk is an option in Gloria Victis, but it's not supposed to be a terribly attractive one. The most recent update...
Please learn to brighten these screenshots. And not to brown-wash them.

Revival discusses the size and the history of estates

A huge portion of Revival's funding and development centers around the real estate market, so it's not shock that the game's estates are kind...
More than you know.

You’re stuck in Manhattan for The Division’s launch

What's the best borough of New York City? If you said Queens, Brooklyn, or the Bronx (no one ever says Staten Island), you're going...
You think you're so smart.

World of Warcraft highlights the haunted places of Azeroth

There's a lot of ghostly stuff in World of Warcraft. Some of it, of course, is quite obvious. You fight a lot of ghosts,...