Here’s what’s in Neverwinter’s Cloaked Ascendancy lockboxes

One of the many content chunks and upgrades landing in Neverwinter when Cloaked Ascendancy launches next week is... lockboxes. In fact, PWE put out...

Global Chat: Get over the lockbox debate already

One of the largest and most enduring arguments of the MMO genre is the purpose, legality, and profitability of so-called lockboxes in games. We've...

MMO lockboxes, keys, and booster packs: Gambling or gaming?

Lockboxes have become a hot topic over the last couple of years. Last month, both our writers and readers crowned SWTOR worst business model of...
Every day, sadly.

Massively Overthinking: The best MMORPG developer quotes of 2016

One of the fun things we implemented on the site this year is a database of quotes from developers (among other entries) that are...

China is cracking down on MMORPG lockbox vendors

Violently authoritarian government regulates nasty video gaming monetization exploit, and gamers are cheering? Yep, China is cracking down on lockboxes. A notice from the creepy Ministry of...

Elder Scrolls Online rolls out lockboxes this week

I'm sure you're as tired of hearing about lockboxes as we are of writing about them, but here we are and it's still happening....
Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

Guild Wars 2 has overhauled its lockboxes

Guild Wars 2's lockboxes got a bit of revision in today's patch. "You won’t find boosters among your loot anymore, but you will find a...
Exploding AoE mine-person.

Neverwinter fixes ‘bug’ that allowed players to preview lockboxes, ragestorm ensues

When it comes to lockboxes, enticing players to pay money for a random chance at goods has always been the hook behind this system....

Tamriel Infinium vs Hyperspace Beacon: Three ways to make lockboxes work better in MMORPGs

Last week, I stirred up a hornet’s nest by bringing up the topic of lockboxes and how I really didn’t mind them in general. Hyperspace...
The joke here is that the dungeons for this game were miserable slogs.

WildStar is bringing lockboxes to raids

If you've played WildStar and lamented the fact that there just aren't enough places to get lockboxes in the game right now, you'll be...

Elder Scrolls Online has begun testing its new lockboxes

What will Elder Scrolls Online be like when lockboxes come to town? Players have a chance to get an advance look at this future,...
This will not be fine.

Defiance kicks off battle event, increases patron rewards

A hotspot has just opened up in the admittedly already battle-ravaged world of Defiance. This week, the team initiated the Neo Votanis Freebooters event,...

Massively Overthinking: Please complain about MMOs, loudly and insistently

Last weekend, the blogosphere exploded over an article that essentially told the MMORPG community to shut up, sit down, and stop complaining about things...

The Daily Grind: Should MMORPG lockbox mechanics be regulated as gambling?

A reader named Paul recently wrote to us wondering why RNG lockboxes aren't considered gambling. Oh sure, we call them gambleboxes, but the government...

Star Trek Online finally makes a classic T6 Connie available — in a lockbox

If you've waded in the waters of Star Trek Online's community for any length of time, you'll no doubt have noticed that there's a...

Star Trek Online shows off the contents of the Kelvin lockbox

The Kelvin timeline is edging its way into Star Trek Online, but only in little ways here and there. There are incursions from the...

SWTOR is putting lockboxes inside of other lockboxes

Star Wars: The Old Republic apparently couldn't stand to see RIFT hogging the business model drama spotlight today and has issued a new proclamation...

Neverwinter moves cosmetics from ZEN cash shop to lockbox currency

Back in October, PWE wrote about its plans to massively overhaul Neverwinter's Trade Bar Store -- that is, the special store where you can...

WildStar challenges players to hunt world bosses this weekend

WildStar's world bosses are big, ornery, and the general sort of thing that lots of players need to band together to defeat. Nothing wrong...

The Daily Grind: Should MMO studios disclose the odds of winning lockbox prizes?

Every once in a while in an MMO, the desire to play with numbers grips me, like the time I hand-crafted a thousand drinks in Star...