login rewards

Someone will get that reference.

Final Fantasy XI offers up a new spear for its June login campaign

As is the case every month in Final Fantasy XI, there's a new set of rewards for logging into the game starting on June 10th....
There's a mount.

RIFT Prime temporarily disables its Trove of Mounts with fake inventory alarms

Can we agree that MMO players, collectively, get very excited about having new mounts? It seems like a statement that's almost a tautology at...

Ready, set, punch: Hyper Universe is live today!

Ready for a different way to MOBA? Nexon's Hyper Universe officially launches today, bringing the action to a 2-D setting with several "inspired" champions...

ArcheAge Begins churns out its first big update, activates ‘surprise’ login rewards

Have you tried the mobile revolution that is ArcheAge Begins yet? Don't worry, we haven't either, although it does look like a heap of...

EVE Evolved: The Agency could become a great daily reward system in EVE Online

A new event named The Agency kicked off this week in EVE Online, and it looks a bit like the daily quest systems you...

Final Fantasy XI details its June login rewards

Every month, Final Fantasy XI offers players a nice and straightforward way to get rewarded for logging in: a login campaign. You log in,...
Boring space dad yay.

Massively Overthinking: Playing the game of timers in MMOs

Massively OP reader The Chief Turtle recently sent us a question that I think ties in neatly to the daily quests Overthinking we discussed a few...
Come and get your PLEX.

EVE Online plans to add dailies with skill point rewards

Of all the ways to encourage players to engage with an MMO, two of the most controversial are daily quests and login rewards. Used in everything from World of Warcraft...

RIFT offers free patron time to everyone

Do you like RIFT but lack the money or incentive to buy patron time in the game? Or do you just enjoy getting stuff...