And if I press it enough time, sometimes there's a story!

The Daily Grind: Have queues ever turned you off from an MMO?

Queues bother me. I'd like to say they don't, but they really do. I don't take them as a personal affront or anything, though;...
Combination crossover.

Ship of Heroes opens registration for its first login test

It's uncommon for a development team to describe an upcoming test phase as "boring," since the goal is usually to get fans excited and...
Oh my.

Bless Online highlights login bonuses and offers a new Bless Unleashed trailer

Are login bonuses an excellent way to reward players for regularly logging into a game and thus enriching the active community, or are they...
There's a mount.

RIFT Prime temporarily disables its Trove of Mounts with fake inventory alarms

Can we agree that MMO players, collectively, get very excited about having new mounts? It seems like a statement that's almost a tautology at...

The Daily Grind: Have you ever lost your MMO account information?

The answer for me is yes. I absolutely have. In one particular case, it was heartbreaking but finally proved recoverable; my original Final Fantasy...
fun fun fun

Albion Online is hitting login queues as Veteran players get to log in

Launch is here for Albion Online and it's popular enough that there are queues. Yes, login queues are being login queues. According to the...
They're big, you see.

Final Fantasy XI offers crabs and rare allies for its latest login campaign

This May marks the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, and so it only makes sense to have the month's login campaign offer all...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best login experience?

Here's a funny fact: All I have to do is start singing this tune, and my wife starts feeling the urge to play some...

Final Fantasy XI details its June login rewards

Every month, Final Fantasy XI offers players a nice and straightforward way to get rewarded for logging in: a login campaign. You log in,...
So light it up.

Final Fantasy XIV welcomes players back to the game with a free login campaign

A great deal of things changed in Final Fantasy XIV with the most recent patch, from the mentor system to the Hall of the...
Sorry I'm late, but you know I can't log in for about two hours.

Wisdom of Nym: The highs and lows of Final Fantasy XIV’s early access

Thursday was a long day. So was Friday, but in very different ways. Playing Final Fantasy XIV over the past few days has been a...
You can't really go back again.

Character name reclamation is coming to World of Warcraft

With a decade of popularity and lots of people playing, World of Warcraft does not have a surfeit of names available for players. As...
If you keep up login issues long enough, you don't have congestion problems any longer.

The Elder Scrolls Online addresses console launch login issues

The launch of The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles had some issues, chiefly that players were trying to log in and were unable to...