lost skies

Lost Skies blogs about more ship parts, hand tools, and creating a ‘shrimpy monstrosity’

Lost Skies, the developing PvE sandbox of airships and floating islands, continues to kick out the dev blog jams, so naturally we're circling back...

Lost Skies shows off work on airship engines, character design, floating islands, tools, and puzzles

If the number of commas used in that headline didn't already clue you in, Bossa Studios' in-development PvE sandbox Lost Skies is hard at...

Lost Skies previews a menagerie of critters in various stages of creation and development

The latest Lost Skies dev blog is out, and instead of taking an extremely close look at a singular deer, it's offering a peek...

Lost Skies is bringing back the beloved Worlds Adrift island creator with new features and tools

While Worlds Adrift dropped many balls over the course of its shambolic release, one of its features that was generally beloved by players was...

Lost Skies provides an extremely granular look at the making of a deer

It's pretty obvious to most people that creating fauna for a game isn't a simple matter of pushing a "make animal good" button and...

Lost Skies takes a closer look at the lore and design of the Saborian civilization

Bossa Studios' still-gestating PvE MMO Lost Skies continues to eagerly share its design, development, and drawings in the second installment of its Skywatch dev...

Betawatch: Bossa in the Skies with Lost

Yes, we're back! And so is Bossa Games, it turns out, with Lost Skies on the way. It's actually very similar to Worlds Adrift,...

Bossa Games is back in the MMO space with Lost Skies, an obviously Worlds Adrift-inspired co-op title

Stop me if you've heard this one: Bossa Games is working on a new multiplayer game with skyships and islands and gliding and rappelling!...