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LOTRO and DDO offer apologies and gifts for two weeks of troubles

Two weeks ago, Lord of the Rings Online players were treated to "cascading" issues across the game servers that led to multiple days...

MMO Week in Review: ‘Well, I’m back,’ LOTRO said

Lord of the Rings Online dominated headlines this week thanks to a week and a half of outages with feeble communication indeed....

LOTRO Legendarium: What we have here is a failure to communicate

If this year has taught us anything, it's that clear and boosted communication is vital to handling a crisis. Having information and a message...

Lord of the Rings Online returned to service last night, with fresh outages and lag

We return to the ongoing Lord of the Rings Online saga this morning, as Standing Stone Games' MMOs have entered their 10th day...

LOTRO and DDO say they’re ‘making progress’ on the nine-day server crisis, but the community isn’t having it

The server crisis that has been plaguing both Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online for over a week...

LOTRO has now been suffering downtime and tech issues for an entire week

It turns out to have been a bad week to start subbing to Lord of the Rings Online. As we've been covering, LOTRO...

Lord of the Rings Online goes into its sixth day of server outages

The server woes that began last Wednesday for Lord of the Rings Online continued all through the weekend, with players on multiple...

MMO Week in Review: One does not simply log into LOTRO

I mean you can try, but you can't actually do it right now. It's calling you like the ring calls Boromir, but you're Gimli...

LOTRO players postpone Weatherstock due to unstable servers

If anything, Lord of the Rings Online's server issues worsened as this week progressed. The problems, which initially seemed isolated to a...

Lord of the Rings Online’s servers struggle while Weatherstock returns

If you've been adventuring -- or trying to, at least -- in Middle-earth this week, you may be quite aware that certain Lord...