That's going to take an engineer to fix, ironically.

Elite: Dangerous postpones CQC tournament in favor of PvP Icarus Cup

Frontier has canceled the Elite: Dangerous CQC tournament intended to run this year, at least as it was originally planned. Head of Community Zac...

The Stream Team: Slime Lords and Mo capes in AdventureQuest 3D

Did you see those sporty Mo capes in AdventureQuest 3D and know instantly that you just had to get one for yourself? Don't despair, now...

Giveaway: Grab a summer god skin key from SMITE and MOP! (All gone!)

SMITE is in the midst of its huge summer 2016 promotion, with a mid-season patch just behind it and a Mac launch to boot. Among...

The Stream Team: Get a Mo cape in AdventureQuest 3D!

Did you miss out on your chance for a Mo cape in last week's AdventureQuest 3D giveaway? Well, today might just be your lucky...

Giveaway: AdventureQuest 3D early access and cape keys starring Massively OP’s mascot Mo

We've had our eye on AdventureQuest 3D since its successful Kickstarter bid last year. It's the spiritual successor to a massively popular flash game, only...

New players join The Elder Scrolls Online’s NA megaserver today with Japanese launch

The Elder Scrolls Online expands again today, this time with a launch in Japan. Game Director Matt Firor writes that ZeniMax and DMM have...

AdventureQuest 3D preps its ‘biggest update ever’

The upcoming cross-platform AdventureQuest 3D is raising the stakes for the size and quality of its content delivery. Next Tuesday, June 21st, the team...

AdventureQuest 3D tests its first multi-room dungeon

Cross-platform MMO AdventureQuest 3D recently reached a major milestone in its development with the addition of its first multi-room dungeon, Barrow Downs. Following feedback, the...
Fighting the good fight... in really, really ugly armor.

Star Trek Online is discontinuing its Mac client

Star Trek Online is officially discontinuing support of its Mac client. Perfect World says that following the Mac client's recent struggles and the support required...
Let's not have a repeat of the last time.

Final Fantasy XIV is resuming Mac clients sales on February 23rd

When Final Fantasy XIV launched its first expansion in the middle of last year, it also meant the launch of the game's Mac client....

LEGO Minifigures Online goes buy-to-play on June 29 with limited availability now

While Funcom would like to market LEGO Minifigures Online's upcoming June 29th event as a launch of the game, in reality the move is...

Sword Coast Legends is launching on Mac and Linux as well

Good news for Sword Coast Legends fans who are hoping to play with their friends of "other" persuasions: n-Space has announced that the game will...
Elite Dangerous

Elite’s Mac client benefits the PC; Powerplay update delayed

Hey Elite fans, did you miss Friday's newsletter #75? If so, it's worth reading for the news about the Mac client and the Powerplay beta. Originally...
Aiming for the planet.

Elite’s Mac client launches May 12, Powerplay beta on May 20

This week's Elite: Dangerous newsletter covers quite a bit of ground. Firstly, the game's Mac client will launch on May 12th. Mac and PC...

Elite: Dangerous tests interplay between Mac and PC versions

Being a member of the Mac gaming tribe no longer means that you have to be quarantined from the glorious PC master race, at...

Elite: Dangerous begins Mac beta test

Mac users, you are cleared for departure. Set a course for the beta star system and engage, although be warned: It may get a...

Elite: Dangerous starts Mac beta test on March 31st

Mac Elite: Dangerous fans who are feeling grounded while their PC brothers and sisters are cruising the stars will soon have their own chance...

Deepworld takes mining to the next level

It's Tuesday here at Massively Overpowered, and that means it's time to play "Have you played?" So have you guys played Deepworld? If not, we...

Undead Labs’ Moonrise is coming to Steam

The colorful creature battler Moonrise is heading to Steam as part of its 2015 rollout. Undead Labs announced that it has secured a place for...

World Zombination infects the world this Thursday

If you've ever grumped that MMOs don't feel so "massively" these days, then here's something that might put a smile on your face before...