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Mage Faire Online conjures a conflict-free creative playground

Had enough of combat in MMOs? Are you looking to express yourself… magically? Then you might want to take a peek at Mage Faire Online, an indie title that is currently in alpha testing.

Mage Faire Online takes place in an enchanted painting, which means that as the devs put it, “Everything in the world is like a painting within a painting.” This sandbox eschews combat in favor of being an ongoing magic festival where players can create spells and put on shows for others. The husband-and-wife team recently added the steampunk-themed Animata Village, a set of color-changing magic spells, and NPCs such as animated flowers.

While $5 will get you into the alpha test, Mage Faire Online will cost you more for continued play, as users have to purchase mana to power their spells. However, mana can be tipped by other players for an impressive performance. You can get a feel for the world of this game in a video after the break.

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