major patches

Now you try.

Skyforge overhauls its invasion mechanics for its next major patch

It's kind of insane how frequently the world of Skyforge is invaded, but since those invasions form a core part of the game's content,...
Spider lady.

Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.3 is out now

If you were looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV's patch today as your chance to own a house in the game, the bad news...
I'm a big helper.

Blade & Soul’s Silverfrost Mountains patch brings new areas, new dungeons, and a new level cap today

Here's hoping you didn't get too comfortable at the level cap for Blade & Soul because it's going up. Today, even! The massive Silverfrost...

Elite: Dangerous changes how Horizons is sold, discusses patch 2.1’s focus

Are you confused about the process of upgrading from Elite: Dangerous to the Horizons expansion? Do you find it frustrating and unclear? Have you...
This is actually much better than I expected.

Dungeon Fighter Online patches in major Season 2 update

Dungeon Fighter Online went down for maintenance earlier to apply a major patch. How major? Well, it's the start of a whole new season...
Boy, if you haven't crafted a large enough number of chainmail things over the years...

Shroud of the Avatar posts Release 21 features and instructions

The bright side of Shroud of the Avatar being in a test state is that sometimes whole systems can be rewritten as just part...
I don't really know either.

The Secret World launches Issue 12 today

Have you been enjoying yourself in The Secret World's version of Tokyo? The game's Issue 12 patch brings the end of your visit to...
I am still proud of myself for this screenshot.

Star Trek Online announces Season 11: New Dawn

The war against the Iconians has been going on since Star Trek Online first launched, even though it hasn't always been immediately obvious. Season...

Neverwinter: Strongholds will launch August 11th

For the past two months, Neverwinter has been all about the next major patch, which will give players the ability to band together, take...
So many colors in the anger rainbow.

TERA’s latest patch invites you to go berserk

Do you want to get angry? Do you already feel pretty angry? Do you feel so angry that you want other people to hit...
Welcome to the no. No. I'm tired of this joke. I hate that song. No.

SMITE adds in Ravana and mixes up the jungle gameplay

The developers of SMITE looked at the game and saw that quite frankly, parts of it were getting stale. The most recent patch notes...
Here we are again, and we're looking at each other as if each other was to blame.

Final Fantasy XIV plans 24-hour maintenance for Heavensward

Only a little more than a week remains before Final Fantasy XIV's first expansion moves into early access for players. But if you have...
Red sky at night, everything's boned.

Take a peek at the new areas and instances of Lord of the Rings Online’s Update 16

The next big update to Lord of the Rings Online brings players ever closer to Mordor, which anyone with passing familiarity with the story...
Make use of the barriers, darn it.

Final Fantasy XIV launches Before the Fall patch

After more than a year of continuations, Final Fantasy XIV is wrapping up all of its stories today. Patch 2.55 has just gone live,...