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Yes, yes it is.

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Trove players protest the expansion’s new gem system

One of the selling features of Trove's first expansion, Mantle of Power, is its gem system. This new way of increasing your...

Trove: Mantle of Power is a gem of an expansion

As you read this, the head start for Trove's first expansion, Mantle of Power, has opened its doors to players who purchased...

Trove: Mantle of Power will introduce stellar gear with rainbow auras

AllĀ leet players know that to truly show off how snowflake-special they are; there need to be blindingly bright auras emanating around their characters, as...

Mantle of Power expansion to take Trove to weird and wonderful places

Think you've seen everything that Trove has to offer? No matter how experienced a cubic adventurer you are, you've got another thing or...