Melanie Christin

Dead Maze unleashes the zombie apocalypse today

Where will you go and what will you do when the zombie apocalypse hits? You better figure it out real fast, pal, because it’s already here.

Dead Maze, the multiplayer zombie survival simulator, officially launched today. Its 2-D free-to-play offerings shambled its way onto Steam, where players can see if they really can make it in the end of the world. Apart from its presentation, Dead Maze sets itself apart from most other zombie titles by putting the focus on social cooperative survival instead of PvP conflict.

“We want to build fun multiplayer games that players around the world can enjoy together,” said Atelier 801 Co-Founder Mélanie Christin. “With Dead Maze, that meant looking at how we can approach a zombie themed MMO game that feels fresh and new for the genre, where cooperation is key. I believe we achieved that with Dead Maze thanks to its unique art style, deep crafting system, and our growing community of players.”

More story campaigns and a player map editor are in the works for future updates. Check out the launch trailer below and see how MJ fared when she was thrown headfirst into this savage world (she’s trying her hand at it again today at 3:00 p.m.!).

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How one MMO flash game racked up 75 million players

The Bard once famously wrote, “There are more MMOs in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” And we are reminded of this once more as our attention was drawn to an online game that (a) we had never heard of, yet (b) has accumulated over 75 million players since its launch.

This game is Transformice, an indie platforming MMO that launched back in June 2015. In Transformice, players become little rodents obsessed with finding and retrieving cheese. Players have two minutes in each round to get the cheese or die, but physics and ever-changing rules lead to hilarious consequences. Once players get enough cheese, they are granted shamanistic powers to help or hinder other players during subsequent levels. Also, there are hats.

Creator Melanie Christin gave a postmortem on her game at GDC 2017, sharing how this game that was developed in three weeks was leveraged into a massively successful MMO. Her talk candidly discusses some of the challenges and mistakes that the team experienced in the journey from an unknown indie to a powermouse title. Check it out below!

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