Bless Online patches in a 3v3 arena and class buffs as players call for server merges

Bless Online is trucking out a brand-new patch today. The highlight is the Certanon Arena, essentially a 3v3 best-of-five PvP minigame for level 45 toons; it’s subject to time gating, do note, and opens only at 6 p.m. EDT each evening. Neowiz has also performed a wide-ranging balancing patch on armor, with effects that pertain to every class in the game. Every class is further seeing its own tweaks; Berserkers and Rangers in particular will be pleased as punch with their righteous buffs.

Meanwhile on Reddit, players are currently debating whether the game should merge servers as a result of the loss of players – or they would be, if most of the threads calling for merges weren’t apparently being wiped away by the mods. A few stragglers referring to those threads do remain; one asserts that the studio might not care it’s losing players – after all, as one poster argued, “they’ve already got your money.”

The game peaked around 34,000 concurrent players at the beginning of its early access launch. Within the last day, peak concurrency has fallen to just over 7000 on Steam Charts.

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Aion Europe prepares for server merges later this month

The merges are coming! The merges are coming! Aion Europe players have under two weeks to prepare for merges designed to “populate Atreia more densely” and consolidate language-specific communities.

On April 25th, Aion EU is going to merge its eight servers down to four, creating one German, one English, one French, and one Polish server. Gameforge did give itself some wiggle room and warned of the possibility of a date change.

Players on affected servers can choose to transfer their characters to a specific shard through May 15th. Aion is planning to hand out relocation gifts to all players, including a greater minion contract and 30 days of hanging with a white tiger.

In addition to the announcement, there’s a more in-depth FAQ that answers specific questions.

Source: Aion EU


Star Wars: The Old Republic offers more details about ‘United Forces’ server merges

If you’re not subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic, you can forget about keeping your name. Subscribers will always win over non-subscribers. It’s pay-to-keep-your-name!

The latest fall roadmap video is out, and as you could no doubt expect, it discusses the game’s upcoming server merges – which we covered in detail on Monday – extensively. Following the United Forces merge, which cuts the game back to just five servers across the US and Europe, there will no longer be a designated RP server, although the developers would like to still make RP-supporting spaces within the game; the hope is that the merge will cut down on win trading in PvP as well as improving in-game population.

The developers aren’t ready to talk about next expansion plans, but they are planning out returning companions including Andronikus, Ensign Temple, Scourge, and Keira. The development team is also considering adding back in some of the old-style PvP rewards. Check out the full dev stream video down below, and stay tuned for more SWTOR fun from the MOP staff today, as we’ll be streaming the game this afternoon and dispatching our Hyperspace Beacon column on the roadmap as well.

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ArcheAge server merges will impact 12 realms

Server merges are a nerve-wracking, anxiety-filled experience even on the best of occasions, but when an MMO offers contested territory and open world housing, it can become a nightmare.

It’s this nightmare that ArcheAge is preparing to navigate with its upcoming server “evolutions.” Twelve realms across North America and Europe have been tagged for this process, which will consolidate everything down to brand-new four servers when it goes down starting on September 7th and concluding on the 9th. And yes, this does mean that all affected will engage in a land rush, because that’s always heaps of fun.

The three fresh start servers get diplomatic immunity from the merges, as does five legacy servers. Trion Worlds is planning to allow players the option to transfer their characters to those legacy servers instead of going through the merges if they so desire. The free transfer period will run between August 16th and 29th.

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Blade and Soul announces server merges, hypes upcoming patches

Major events are in motion over at Blade and Soul, illuminated by the game’s newest producer’s letter from Jonathan Lien. While Lien spent a few paragraphs touting the team’s progress over the past year, he had a few bombshell announcements that followed.

The first is that server merges are incoming for August 9th. These will impact both North American and European servers, taking the server count down to two for NA and three for EU. Server transfers are scheduled to be taken offline on July 26th, so if you need to move your character for some reason, you’ll want to do it today.

Lien also outlined the game’s upcoming summer updates: “Immediately ahead of us is the new Fortune Falls update. You’ll be able to explore a new event dungeon, where you can snag an awesome swimsuit set and valuable upgrade materials for a limited time! And on the horizon, you’ll be able to explore a new major update named Dark Origins. It’s got two brand new high level raids, a continuation of our story quests, a new dungeon, systems updates, and LOADS of new gear and cosmetics.”


Naruto Online is the one MMO where players beg for merges

According to a press release from Oasis Games, the studio is in the middle of ongoing English-language server merges for Bandai-licensed Naruto Online. The game originally launched in the west last summer; it’s a turn-based browser MMO built on the original anime and is even voiced by the anime’s actors. The merges aren’t really a bad thing, as players are flocking to the thread to put forward their servers for much-needed merges.

“Starting today onwards, we will be collecting inputs from players for server merger purposes,” writes the company on its forums. “This thread will be renewed on weekly basis to ensure continuous communication between players and moderators in regards to server and merger status. Please be informed that a server need to be at minimum age of 2 month starting from the date it opened as one of the requirements to be merge. Server merger will take place once every 2 weeks. We have records of the activity rate, which are taken into consideration for merging.”

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NCsoft is linking Blade & Soul’s servers next week

Is it a merge or something not as dire? Either way, Blade & Soul is preparing to make some significant adjustments to its server structure on July 14th.

Call it a technical merge, then: “In order to adapt with our evolving player base, we’re going to be connecting the world zones between multiple servers together so that characters on other servers are playing in the same world zones and in the same language […] You’ll be sharing zones and channels with characters from other servers in an entirely seamless way. You’ll be able to group in the world with other players from your linked server group, create or join a clan with them, and send mail to other characters in your linked server group.”

North America and Europe’s servers will be organized into six server groups apiece on the 14th, with each group encompassing two to four shards. Individual servers won’t be going away for the time being, and NCsoft has said that it will offer paid server transfers in the future.


WildStar is merging its PvE servers back together today

A few weeks ago, Carbine merged WildStar’s post-F2P servers back with their originals. Now it’s PvE’s turn.

The studio announced on Twitter yesterday that the PvE shards will be reunited today. “On Wednesday, December 9th starting at 4:00 a.m. PST, all servers will be down for regular weekly maintenance for approximately 2 hours,” Carbine posted. “During this time Entity, Entity-2, Jabbit, and Jabbit-2 players on each set of servers will be brought back together.”

The merges come in time for two big WildStar events: the Ship Chase on that begins today and the Winterfest Extravaganza on December 16th.

Source: Twitter


ArcheAge elaborates on the game’s post-server merge environment

If the land rush at launch of ArcheAge was the least fun you’d had since you started playing the game, you probably don’t want to take part in it again. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you’re going to need to do in the post-merge environment. New posts on the process of server evolution have clarified that every character post-merge will be placed in the starting zones with tutorials disabled to promote land rushing. So you’ll want to fight your way through and get out there promptly if you want some land.

The full set of questions also includes more information about compensation for player resources, including refunds for certain materials and taxes paid. The developers also clarified that land owners will get a single compensation pack regardless of size or number of lands controlled; the average landowner will be coming out ahead, overall, with the compensation pack.

Source: Merge Q&A, Land owners and packs; thanks to Anon for the tip!


Runes of Magic creating a new chapter for 2016

It’s been pretty quiet in Runes of Magic’s neck of the woods this year, but that doesn’t mean that Runewaker has been coasting. In fact, a new article on the game’s site revealed that the dev team is preparing an entirely new chapter of the fantasy MMO’s saga for next year.

“We will be integrating new maps and instances and we are also ourselves looking forward to seeing some of the first pictures,” the team said. “We would like to keep the question of ‘when’ in the dark for a while longer — in its current status we think a tentative date of the first half of 2016 is close.”

Runes of Magic will also be taking its siege war feature out of beta in the near future, replacing the in-game ship, and implementing the Mirrorworld with mini-dungeons. Server merges are still being worked on as well, with more information on this forthcoming.


ArcheAge’s server merges will spark another land rush

When ArcheAge first announced that there would be some sort of server consolidation, players were understandably nervous. Merges can be a messy business at the best of times, but when you have a game with limited land and a huge amount of pressure to get that land, there’s a very real fear that you might lose all of your land. The bad news is that in the official server evolution thread (and yes, they’re really just merges), Trion has confirmed that there will, in fact, be another land rush on the servers.

This comes on the heels of a castle-based issue that has been found in the game: When a castle is removed, it’s possible for another guild to immediately place a new castle on a different lodestone, even if players had already claimed the land around that (inactive) lodestone for personal use, creating a very real chance for players to lose their lands. With the importance of housing and the difficulty in getting land in ArcheAge, this is an issue that will need to be addressed sooner rather than later, certainly well before the server merges take place.

Source: Server Evolution thread, Castle issue thread; thanks to Someone for the tip!


Runes of Magic plans server merges

North America and Australia Runes of Magic players, buckle up: You’re about to experience some server merger turbulence. During this period, drink service will be suspended and the devs have asked that you remain in your seats with your seatbelts fastened.

The team announced the incoming merges last year and recently posted a FAQ about how plans are progressing. The six current servers between the regions will be condensced down into two: Artemis and Govinda. There aren’t any “defined dates” as of yet for the merge, but the team assures its fans that game updates won’t be affected by the move.

If you have a Runes of Magic character on one of these servers, you’ll need to log in (or have logged in during the past year) to make sure that your character is flagged for the transition.

[Source: Official forums. Thanks to Kailenn for the tip!]