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Interview: ArcheAge’s 4.0 Maelstrom launches December 13 with changes to lunagems, raid finder, and more

Batten down the hatches because a big storm hits tomorrow! ArcheAge’s Maelstrom, with its cross-server navel arena, launches on December 13th. We got to see some of the 4.0 expansion and learn more about it during our demo and interview at PAX West this last fall. And on the cusp of launch, I sat down again with Trion Associate Producer Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan, Executive Producer Merv Lee Kwai, and Community Manager Joe “Muzzy” Brogno to chat more about the upcoming changes. What I learned is that the changes have changes! Lunagems, the raid finder bulletin board, streetlights, and some of the arenas updates have been updated. And one change — the addition of the new turtle ship — will actually not be happening.

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ArcheAge Erenor Eternal update dev tour: Trading revamp and new zones

Have you got the urge to explore? ArcheAge’s Erenor Eternal launches this evening, bringing three brand-new zones for players to gallivant about in. Of course, as with every large named update, there’s plenty more content than just pristine sod to prance upon in Auroria. On top of a new level of gear, a new skill progression, and new battlegrounds, Erenor Eternal includes significant crafting changes and a big revamp of the tradepack system. Although my personal focus was riveted on the tradepack revamp, I was more than happy to get a peek at the new zones with Senior Producer Merv Lee Kwai as we toured and talked about the upcoming changes.

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Interview: ArcheAge 3.0 Revelation, fresh start servers, and the cash shop

ArcheAge’s big new 3.0 update is launching this week, and some big changes are happening with Revelation. And with big changes come questions, questions about exactly what to expect when the servers come back up… including when the servers will come back up! We already learned quite a bit about the new races and regions at DragonCon. To help answer the Fresh Start Server questions, Trion Worlds has put out a Fresh Start FAQ. But we’ve done one better and sat down with Senior Producer Merv Lee Kwai and Producer Amanda Fry to talk about Revelations and the Fresh Start Servers. Be in the know before those servers start launching on Saturday, December 10th!

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Preview: A look inside of ArcheAge’s Ascension launching today

Change is inevitable. And while it can be unnerving, it can also be very beneficial. ArcheAge’s fans will see their share of changes today as the big 2.9 update hits live servers. Dubbed Ascension, this update ups the political game by introducing nation building and player factions. It also brings new world and dungeon bosses, a new specialty storage property (my packrat heart leaps for joy), castle strongholds, new furniture items, tier 7 obsidian gear, and an equipment encyclopedia to help players plan upgrades.

That all sounds pretty interesting, but I’ll admit that the one aspect I am most intrigued by is one that I will never get to experience on the lives servers — the dragon mount. So when I was offered a tour of Ascension with Producer Merv Lee Kwai, I crossed my fingers that I would get to see the wyvern up close. I wasn’t disappointed; I even got to watch one hatch! I also got a good look at a Nuian-style castle stronghold, met the new bosses, and learned about the special welcome back promotion that ArcheAge is running in honor of Ascension’s launch.

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Bebopping through ArcheAge’s Bloodsong update with Trion

Sometimes the wait for new content is made worse when you see another region enjoying it long before you can. That’s how I’ve felt about ArcheAge. So when Trion Worlds Senior Producer Merv Lee Kwai and Producer Amanda Fry invited me to tour and chat about Bloodsong before its launch today, I whistled a happy tune and jumped right in. We dived into the Mistsong Summit dungeon and rubbed elbows with the resident bosses, talked about the new PvP arenas, danced with the new pet, and raked up some leaves off the new treehouses. I also learned other interesting tidbits, such as the origin story behind this update’s music and the details of the new version of welcome back packs.

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ArcheAge producer examines the Archon class

Trion’s latest ArcheAge PR push centers around “underplayed off-meta PvP builds that synergize exceptionally well with the introduction of Secrets of Ayanad.” The first such build is the Archon, which results from a player choosing the Archery, Defense, and Witchcraft skill trees.

“Archons are dueling specialists and lose effectiveness when involved in multi-opponent PvP,” writes producer Merv Lee Kwai. “It’s difficult for them to focus on multiple targets due to having limited burst damage. The class takes a bit of practice to get the hang of since it’s untraditional but once it’s mastered you’ll often find that your opponents are surprised at your capabilities.”

Kwai’s post features abilities and combo suggestions as well as rotation advice for dealing with melee, caster, healer, and archer opponents.

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Labor changes, Pegasus mount coming to ArcheAge

Friday the 13th may have been a lucky day for ArcheAge fans! During Trion’s Friday livestream, Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai revealed a move meant to increase the value of patron status: changing the offline labor regeneration rate to match the online rate. Starting about mid-April, paying players will accumulate 10 labor every five minutes whether or not they are logged in; there is no change to free accounts.

The livestream also highlighted more changes to Secrets of Ayanad coming later this month. On land, the necessary number of appraisal certificates will be determined by land size. Additionally, the Hasla raid boss Hanure the Hunter is getting a level bump to 55. In the air, a new gliding Pegasus mount will be available for purchase with loyalty points (approximately 625) or randomly from an Archeum Supply Crate. And in the water, fishing tournaments are slated to start next weekend.

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ArcheAge is getting obsidian weapons in March 10 patch

Trion is preparing to release ArcheAge’s Secrets of Ayanad update on March 10th. As such, producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai has posted a new preview on the game’s official website that details the patch’s obsidian weapons. Each existing weapon type will get an obsidian counterpart, while a quest series will help you craft your first obsidian weapon.

“The path to creating an ultimate obsidian weapon is long and arduous,” Khrolan writes. “Only the most dedicated will succeed in evolving a weapon to its final form.” Trion is also planning a livestreamed Q&A session with the ArcheAge producer team on Friday, March 6th, at 5:30 p.m. EST.

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