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Elite producer talks updates, events, and CQC testing

Frontier's latest website update talks up Elite's CQC beta and stress testing. The firm will throw Xbox and PC/Mac players together into...

Elite dev blog talks CQC, player factions, and more

Space sim Elite: Dangerous released a couple of beta builds focused on its close quarters combat (CQC) gameplay this week. Producer Michael...
Elite Dangerous

Elite’s Mac client benefits the PC; Powerplay update delayed

Hey Elite fans, did you miss Friday's newsletter #75? If so, it's worth readingĀ forĀ the news about the Mac client and the Powerplay beta....

Star Trek Online, Star Citizen, and Elite plan Leonard Nimoy tributes

While players hold solemn vigils for the late, great Leonard Nimoy, MMO developers are working quickly to place tributes in-game to the actor...
Elite Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous makes it easier for friends to find you

Elite: Dangerous pilots who feel frustrated that hooking up with friends in deep space might be relieved to know that the team is...