Destiny 2’s Eververse cash shop begins to invade the game once again

There's just something about Destiny 2 repeating its own history. Think back to 2017, when the game's Dawning holiday event caused a furor over...

The best MassivelyOP community Daily Grinds of 2019

Last year, I counted it up: The first Daily Grind on Massively was written on November 3rd, 2007, one day after Old Massively was...

Mobile MMORPG Tales of Wind aims to release on PC this week

If you ask me, you can never have enough cute in your MMORPG diet, so at least from a visual standpoint consider me passing...

EVE Evolved: First impressions of the EVE Echoes mobile beta

EVE Online has been a PC MMO staple now for over 16 years, carving out a niche for itself as a long-term hobby with...

Google and Epic Games are squabbling over Fortnite’s Android fees – again

Epic Games and Google are butting heads in what continues to be the technology version of a DragonBall Z fight with similar levels of...

Path of Exile’s Conquerors of the Atlas update sparks a $53,750 boss kill challenge

A new content update for an MMO is exciting enough, but when you pair it up with $53,750 worth of prizes, it blows off...
To rather uneventfully go.

Star Trek Online makes Phoenix Packs permanent while removing a daily free pack

The biggest problem you can get with exchanges between real-money currencies and in-game currencies in MMOs is when one is far more valuable than...

SuperData October 2019: League of Legends is back on top as console and PC trend downward

SuperData's October 2019 global revenue report on the video game industry is up today, and if you were hoping the PC and console industry...
treasure hunting is one step from lockboxes

RuneScape is rethinking its monetization after UK report on one player’s alleged $62K spend

RuneScape is a pretty old game, but it has a new way of doing business as a free-to-play MMORPG with various microtransaction models and...

Superdata says in-game spending is down thanks to gamers’ leeriness of monetization schemes

This news will very likely elicit replies of "well, duh" from many, but now there are numbers from Superdata to back it up: Overall...

Diablo IV lead developer confirms cosmetic microtransactions will be in the game

So, just how will Blizzard make sweet, sweet money off of Diablo IV? Expansions, surely. A cash shop, apparently. And that cash shop will...
Here's Mei! You like mei, right?

China is really adding that youth gaming curfew and block on sex and gore in games

Sometimes it's easy to forget that gamers over in China have it very different than we do in the west. If you need a...

Massively Overthinking: Is the age of the $15 subscription coming to an end?

Massively OP's own Justin Olivetti penned a blog post this week in which he muses on the lifespan of the $15 MMO sub fee,...
Old and busted.

Someone in RuneScape spent $62K on microtrans according to UK Parliament report

Remember last year when we polled our readers on how much money they'd spent on their Steam accounts? Most people seemed to track under...

Path of Exile cancels new lockboxes-within-lockboxes after ‘intensely negative’ feedback

So let's play a little round of bad news, good news with Path of Exile. Yesterday, with the Blight expansion not even a week...

Prosperous Universe explains new free-to-play model, vows to avoid microtransactions

So Prosperous Universe has officially gone free-to-play. But why? What makes a commerce-centric MMO open its doors to possible exploitation from free accounts? What...

Studio Wildcard’s co-founder talks about how ARK: Survival Evolved stays sustainable without microtransactions

We've all been beaten over the head with lots of news regarding predatory microtransactions practices, and there's certainly plenty of evidence that would lead...
Huh. That... huh.

Shroud of the Avatar hosts a livestream about fishing in fetid water

If you want to watch a community livestream about Shroud of the Avatar's community team hosting a fishing contest in fetid water, gosh, today...
Stack attack.

Path of Exile plans to let Fossils stack while offering a boss-themed hideout for sale

To all those sitting around with too many fossils in Path of Exile wishing that the items could be stacked, good news! The items...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2’s Living World is a barrier to entry

I have really liked Guild Wars 2’s story in the last few years. Quite honestly, I wasn’t crazy about a lot of the base...