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Mike O’Brien is leaving ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2 to form a new studio

ArenaNet President Mike O'Brien announced this afternoon that he is leaving ArenaNet, the studio behind MMORPG Guild Wars 2, to "join some of ...

Former Guild Wars 2 developer criticizes ArenaNet boss for ‘solicitation of harassment’ and minimization of her work

Former ArenaNet developer Jessica Price has just made a string of new statements on Twitter discussing some of the issues surrounding the ongoing Guild...

Game Workers Unite condemns ArenaNet for Guild Wars 2 developer firings

Grassroots advocacy group Game Workers Unite posted a statement on Pricegate today, "emphatically denouncing" ArenaNet for firing Guild Wars 2's Jessica Price and Peter...

Guild Wars 2’s Mike O’Brien on classic Guild Wars, PvE-PvP ratios, and building social MMOs

Forbes has a new interview out this week with ArenaNet President Mike O'Brien all about the Guild Wars franchise, beginning with something most people...
I don't know any more either, dude.

Mike O’Brien announces Mike Zadorojny as lead designer for the second Guild Wars 2 expansion

We've reached the end of the third season of Guild Wars 2's story, and now... what comes next? A new expansion, we all know...

Guild Wars 2 Art Director Daniel Dociu is leaving ArenaNet

Yesterday, ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien announced to forumgoers that longtime studio Art Director Daniel Dociu "will be leaving ArenaNet" and Guild Wars 2. "Daniel Dociu will...

Guild Wars 2 resumes development of legendary weapons

Guild Wars 2 players might recall that back in March, ArenaNet President and Game Director Mike O'Brien announced that he was instructing the team...

Guild Wars 2 isn’t selling level 80 boosts, might consider raid difficulty modes

If you missed last night's Guild Wars 2 Ask Me Anything on Reddit because you were too busy actually playing the update, then you...

Guild Wars 2’s spring update launches April 19; watch the teaser trailer

We've just received an interesting little sneak peek at a teaser trailer for the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns Spring Quarterly update that's now...

Flameseeker Chronicles: The future of Guild Wars 2 under Mike O’Brien

The news coming from ArenaNet has been very interesting since the company's President Mike O'Brien took over as Guild Wars 2 Game Director, so I...

Guild Wars 2 is adjusting fractals, scribing, and the Alpine WvW borderlands

ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien appears to be continuing his shakeup of Guild Wars 2 with today's forum post on the planned spring update. Pushing past...

Guild Wars 2’s Mike O’Brien elaborates on legendary weapon cancellation

The fallout from the cancellation of further legendary weapon development has been one for the history books within the Guild Wars 2 community. Players...
Screw history!

Guild Wars 2’s Mike O’Brien promises improvements for WvW play

If you haven't done any raiding in Guild Wars 2, you also haven't seen any of the story involved in the game's raiding scene....

Flameseeker Chronicles: Hands-on with Slothasor and the Guild Wars 2 AMA breakdown

It's been a bit of a whirlwind week for ArenaNet, especially with a jam-packed Reddit AMA that contained the announcement that Colin Johanson has...
Go boom.

Guild Wars 2 is not going back to biweekly updates: ‘When we’re shipping every two weeks, we just have to ship’

There's no way that the Guild Wars 2 AMA on Reddit could possibly top the big bombshell about Colin Johanson's departure that started the...
So long.

Guild Wars 2’s Colin Johanson leaves ArenaNet; Mike O’Brien takes over as game director

Game director Colin Johanson has been with ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2 for quite some time now, but nothing lasts forever. New game director...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2 raiding factsheet

If you're anything like me, you'll have been bursting at the seams to find out what shape the promised "challenging group content" will take...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2 account security advice

Veteran MMO players the whole world over can recount at least a second-hand tale of some poor soul opening his or her favourite MMO one...