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Sandboxy-ish Minecraft-ish spinoff Hytale is acquired by Riot Games

We know that Riot Games has been making a hard push to move beyond its status of just having one major game under its...
Ah yes, teamwork.

Massively Overthinking: How are MMO players faring through the pandemic?

This week's Overthinking is going to be a bit different from normal. As we've been covering extensively for more than the past two months,...

Daybreak, Cryptic, City State, Frontier, and more MMO studios affected by worldwide pandemic shutdowns

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make itself felt, we've got another quick roundup of news relevant to MMO players. First, we've...

Minecraftian sandbox MMO Hegemony launched, hit a snag, and delayed even more

After its initial two-week delay, the sandbox MMORPG Hegemony went live this weekend, though not without issues such as instance crashing and database overloading,...
I blew things up!

Coronavirus concerns cancel SXSW, Minecraft Festival, and several FIFA 20 and Apex Legends esports events

The spreading novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 has once more seen a number of gaming-related events cancelled or otherwise postponed. First off is the collective...

Minecraft MMORPG Hegemony has been delayed from its weekend launch

We've been covering indie Minecraft MMORPG Hegemony all week, and if you were as intrigued by it as we were, you know it was...

Hegemony promises its economy is ‘truly equal in playing field’

Worried that coming in late to the crafting and economic game of Hegemony will put you at a disadvantage to those who have been...

Guild Wars 2 rehires a former programmer, drops PvP patch and season next week

You know what I don't love? Chronicling how more Guild Wars 2 devs have left the building. So I'm not going to do that....

Minecraft-built sandbox MMORPG Hegemony officially releases on February 22

Last August, we cast a spotlight on Hegemony, a classic sandbox MMORPG being built entirely within Minecraft. Now, after some considerable work, it's finally...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Agonia Lands, Decentraland, Fable Valley, Bloodstone Online, Hunter’s Arena Legends

Welcome back to another roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent games you’ve (probably) never heard of - or have totally forgotten about until now! First up...

MMO Cartographer: Gamigo’s voxel MMO Trove is a blocky treasure

Trove was not entirely new to me when I decided to return to its shores for MMO Cartographer this fall. I'd toyed with it...

A Jesuit priest is trying out a Vatican Minecraft server to encourage non-toxic behavior

We're familiar with the ways that online games, even generally rather innocent ones like Minecraft, can wind up being breeding grounds for some of...

Mobile augmented reality game Minecraft Earth enters early access in the US

The real world and the world of Minecraft -- or at least its general sense of collaborative building -- have combined with the early...

Angeldust offers a large-scale sandbox MMO world with a selectable visual style

The world of early access gaming still has a few surprises out there for us MMO players. One of these is the game Angeldust,...

The MOP Up: League of Legends’ future looks bright

Don't let games like Fortnite and Overwatch make you forget that League of Legends is still a thing. In fact, Riot Games' MOBA saw...

Working As Intended: What it means to be an MMORPG

I am amused and somewhat bewildered to admit that I have my very own pet troll. He follows me around on Reddit to hassle...
Not this.

The Game Archaeologist: Is it worth the hassle to update graphics in older MMOs?

"I'd play this game again if the graphics were updated." "If they re-released this game with modern graphics, it would be way more popular." "The Game...

Cube World is back, and this time it’s launching on Steam this fall

Hey, remember Cube World? The blocky, sandboxy Minecraft clone from Picroma was a big deal when it hit paid alpha waaaaay back in 2013....

WoW Classic’s first night smashes Twitch, sees lines form inside and outside the game

Heading into World of Warcraft Classic on its first night was a lot like going to Disneyworld at peak season: No matter whether you...

Hegemony is a new ‘classic’ MMORPG built using Minecraft

If you're still a bit bummed over Mojang canceling Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack overhaul, then I do have a little bit of good...