Mo is Massively Overpowered’s mascot.

Buy a Massively OP ‘MoCree’ Overwatch parody tee in honor of BlizzCon

If Massively Overpowered's Mo and the Sword & Bored comic crew went to BlizzCon, whom would they cosplay? "Over"watch characters, of...

RPG MO adds player-created minigames, teases fletching

Need a free, bite-sized MMO to while away the occasional break? You could do worse than checking out RPG MO, an indie sandbox...

Sword and Bored special edition birthday comic: ‘Anniversary gifts’

Mo helps us celebrate the site's birthday by opening an anniversary gift inside his MMO.

Sword and Bored: Rage quit

Mo disconnects from his game in an epic rage quit for our 2015 comic finale.

Sword and Bored: Dye job

Mo demos his MMO's new dye combos for his most discerning buddy Amilya.

Sword and Bored: Alt

Thanks to his friend Amilya, Mo has finally rolled up an alt -- but has he really?

Sword and Bored: The seams of the world

Mo is finally rescued from his free-fall, but that's not the end of his team's troubles.

Sword and Bored: Customer service

Mo learns there's a fate worse than falling through the world: dealing with customer service!

Sword and Bored: World clipping

Mo falls through the cracks in the world and struggles to save himself from his MMO.

Sword and Bored: Ready check

Mo joins his first raid. The first boss fight has been explained and everyone is ready, right? Right?

Sword and Bored: Costume designer

Mo gets to mess around with his MMO's cosmetic outfit system. Amilya "helps" him, of course.

Sword and Bored: Player bounties

Mo has made many friends while playing his MMO, but there is always that one friend he can count on... right?

Sword and Bored: To the rescue

Mo deals with the effects of a PvP flag while trying to evade players and NPCs during his escape from town.

Sword and Bored: TEF

Mo dumps his loot at a junk vendor and learns all about temporary enemy flagging.

RPG MO whips up an indie free-to-play sandbox

Someone must not have spread the word that "Mo" is our thing, but that's OK; we're not jealous. Apparently there's a new indie MMO...

Sword and Bored: Player housing

Mo is introduced to MMO player housing... and why some people find it frustrating.

Sword and Bored: Jumping puzzle

Mo and Amilya tackle a new jumping puzzle in the recent expansion to their MMO.

Sword and Bored: Offline activities

Mo's player steps away for a bit and decides to gain XP by doing some offline activities.

Sword and Bored: Pub roleplay

Mo's companion Amilya stops into the local pub to get a quick drink. Can't a woman just get a drink already?!

Sword and Bored: Expansion

An expansion released for Mo's game, and Amilya is excited to show him -- maybe too excited.