Mo is Massively Overpowered’s mascot.

Sword and Bored: Trolling the trolls

KaptainKuddles and DrL0v3 are at it again, but this time Mo and Amilya know how to troll the trolls.

Sword and Bored: Fishing

Mo finally finds something in his MMORPG that consumes all his time... all his time.

Sword and Bored: Re-trolling

The nefarious underwear ninjas KaptianKuddles and DrL0v3 continue their griefing campaign. Mo's tanking buddy AnneSpanc co-stars.

Sword and Bored: Nerfs

Mo falls asleep and awakens to some unexpected patch changes. Farming goblins will never be the same.

Sword and Bored: Troll bridge

Mo's favorite antagonists, the underwear ninjas, demonstrate how to properly guard the exit from the PvP zone.

Sword and Bored: Teleport

Mo's companion demonstrates the proper way to deal with AFK grinders in their MMO.

Sword and Bored: Area of effect

Mo discovers the value of MMO friends in the pursuit of sweet, sweet revenge.

Sword and Bored: Ranged Class

Mo learns that ranged classes make the best kill-stealers.

Sword and Bored: Trade

Mo learns that objects in this brave new world are all too often... bind-on-pickup.

Sword and Bored: Ninja Loot

Mo downs his first miniboss, only to see one of his "friends" abscond with the loot.

Sword and Bored: Boss fight

Mo takes on an unimpressed crab miniboss with his newfound companions in his very first PUG.

Sword and Bored: Looking for group

While out hunting his foe, the skeptical crab, Mo meets new friends!

Sword and Bored: Hide helmet

Mo decides to check out the "hide helmet" option all the kids are talking about lately.

Sword and Bored: Behind the scenes

Mo is offscreen for a week, but we get a chance to see just what the NPCs are up to behind the scenes.

Sword and Bored: Loot table

Mo becomes discouraged when he finds his recent loot acquisition unsuitable for his class.

Sword and Bored: Encumbrance

Mo discovers that cognitive dissonance is required to make sense of MMO encumbrance systems.

Sword and Bored: 10 rats

Mo undertakes his first kill-ten-rats quest and boggles at the array of loot those tiny rats possess.

Sword and Bored: Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

Realizing that open PvP servers are wretched hives of scum and villainy, Mo decides to reroll.

Sword and Bored: Newbie zone

Mo loads into the game, unwittingly joining his first open PvP server and meeting new "friends."

Sword and Bored: Health buff

Mo gets a bright idea when he realizes that MMORPG food inexplicably restores health -- and lots of it.