monster hunter rise: sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gets new beasts, Qurious Melding features, and more event quests April 20

The monsters get angrier and fiercer tomorrow, April 20th, as Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases its fifth free title update with more huge beasts...

Capcom confirms open beta and launch for Exoprimal, release of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak to Xbox and PlayStation

Yesterday saw a pretty interesting livestream come out of Capcom - a Capcom Spotlight, if you will - which was full of game announcements,...

Monster Hunter Rise’s next update adds more anomaly quests, more monster variants, and plushie weapon skin DLC

Let's be honest, winning a fight in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is great, but knowing that you beat down a giant monster with an...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak gets new monsters, layered weapons, and more weekly quests September 29

In case you're not familiar with the Monster Hunter franchise's roster of critters, the beast known as Mizutsune normally attacks with jets of water...

Massively on the Go: Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion remains solid one month later

It's been about a month since Monster Hunter Rise’s expansion Sunbreak released, and I'm still enjoying myself. Personal issues exploded during release that prevented me from...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak brings back beasts and locales from the series history including a shuttered MMO

Before we break in to the latest Monster Hunter Rise news, there's a little bit of the series' historical context to bear in mind....

Monster Hunter Rise previews the Sunbreak expansion’s Citadel zone and Garangolm monster

The fact that the Sunbreak expansion of Monster Hunter Rise will have a new area and a new beast to fight is probably not...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak brings western movie monsters soon and power leveling now

Capcom's finally given us a meaty update for  Monster Hunter Rise's June 30th paid DLC, Sunbreak, and it seems to confirm some of the...