mop 2020 in review

MMO Year in Review: When Daybreak and Albion got bought out (December 2020)

Well, we made it to the final recap of the final month of the hell year known as 2020, and for MMOs, at least,...

MMO Year in Review: Shadowlands’ arrival (November 2020)

While World of Warcraft's Shadowlands smooth-launching expansion was certainly the big drop of the Thanksgiving season, several other MMOs brought the goods, including Guild...
Just marking time after all.

MMO Year in Review: The Shadowlands delay (October 2020)

In October, Blizzard did something few people expected: It delayed World of Warcraft's Shadowlands expansion, offered refunds, and rolled out the pre-patch and new...

MMO Year in Review: FFXVI, ArcheAge 2, and the Bethsoft buyout (September 2020)

Three big stories dominated September: Microsoft bought out the entirety of Bethsoft, including ZeniMax Online Studios, Elder Scrolls Online, and Fallout 76; Square-Enix announced...

MMO Year in Review: Business business business (August 2020)

August turned out to be a month full of industry moves, good and bad. It was the month that saw the start of the...

MMO Year in Review: Lord of the Rings Offline (July 2020)

I always joke that MOP is not an uptime monitor, but in July, it sure felt that way, as following the launch of its...
Black Lives Matter.

MMO Year in Review: Solidarity (June 2020)

June 2020 in the US was dominated by widespread protests over racism and law enforcement abuse, and MMO companies rushed to show solidarity, donate...

MMO Year in Review: ‘Technical clownshows’ for PSO2 and ESO Greymoor (May 2020)

The two big launches of May had one thing in common: technical snafus. Phantasy Star Online 2's western PC "technical clownshow" launch even generated...
Ah yes, teamwork.

MMO Year in Review: Elyon’s pivot, Elyria’s fizzling storm (April 2020)

In April of 2020, the hotly anticipated Ascent: Infinite Realm took a sharp turn, changing its name - to Elyon - and shifting more...
It's big, yeah yeah yeah, it's not small, etc.

MMO Year in Review: Gaming’s pandemic disruption (March 2020)

COVID-19 blew up this month, to the point that we had to resort to roundups just to cover all the MMO and online games...

MMO Year in Review: A ‘colossal’ announcement (February 2020)

February began with apologies as the Camelot Unchained team attempted to make amends with its community over the announcement of its second game, Colossus...

MMO Year in Review: A new New World (January 2020)

December's many article roundups and awards always remind us that it's hard to remember what happened last month, let alone what happened way back...