Lord of the Rings Online’s big raid patch arrives sans raid

Well, this is an awkward situation for all involved. Lord of the Rings Online released Update 21.3 on Monday, which was supposed to patch in Mordor’s big Abyss of Mordath raid. Except that the team found issues with the raid, disabled it for the time being, but went ahead with publishing the update anyway.

Without the crown jewel of the update (which will be presumably activated in the near future), players have been left with a bargain bin assortment of changes, fixes, and tweaks. These include moving the Beorning starting area, a reduction in the aggro area of pets, a cap on Mordor’s Ashes of Gorgoroth currency, adjustments to monster player stats, lower flying indoor kites… as we said, it’s just a random assortment of odds and ends.

It should be noted that the upcoming Yule Festival has some new content: “Mara Sandydowns has a new quest, A Fortune of Festive Spirit, for those who enjoy many days of Yule Festival activities.”

Source: Patch notes


Lord of the Rings Online’s Mordor soundtrack is now available

Months following the release of Lord of the Rings Online’s climactic expansion comes the soundtrack to Mordor. Composed by Chance Thomas, this 16-track score is published by Thomas’ HUGEsound Records and contains an end credits-like song called “Ever On.”

Massively OP recently reviewed the soundtrack, finding it to be a much darker and more dour score with the occasional bright spot. “Mordor’s OST is very competent and does a great job helping to sell the corrupted, death-strewn nation,” we wrote, “but it’s not anywhere near as fun to listen to as, say, Thomas’ adventurous Riders of Rohan or his classic Shadows of Angmar work.”

The Mordor soundtrack can be purchased digitally through HUGEsound Records, Amazon MP3, or iTunes.


LOTRO Legendarium: Reviewing the Mordor soundtrack

Here’s a weird thing to admit: I was actually concerned when I heard that Lord of the Rings Online brought back Chance Thomas to score this year’s Mordor expansion. It’s not that I dislike him or his music; on the contrary, I recognized that Thomas has created a large amount of terrific music for this MMO’s beloved score. And while SSG has done very well with its scoring in house (Gondor in particular), I would normally be ecstatic to see Thomas come back again.

My concern stemmed from the source material. Mordor is evil, through and through, and I knew that this would call for an oppressively dark soundtrack. I felt that no matter who scored it, it wasn’t going to be an eminently listenable album, and I worried that Thomas’ efforts would be hamstrung by this setting.

After receiving an advance copy of the score (which will go on sale digitally November 1st), I found my concern borne out. Mordor’s OST is very competent and does a great job helping to sell the corrupted, death-strewn nation — but it’s not anywhere near as fun to listen to as, say, Thomas’ adventurous Riders of Rohan or his classic Shadows of Angmar work. That said, there are a couple of standout pieces and some very interesting elements going on with these tunes, so let’s go through it track by track to grok this latest chapter in the LOTRO musical archive.

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LOTRO Legendarium: Grading Lord of the Rings Online in 2017

At the beginning of 2017, it seemed as though a mini-renaissance was brewing for Lord of the Rings Online. Standing Stone Games broke away from the sinking ship that was Turbine and offered a fresh start of sorts for the long-running MMO. We were coming to a head with the game’s story and a return to large-scale expansions was confirmed with the news of Mordor.

Reality and hopes don’t always get along, and while 2017 hasn’t always been the kindest to LOTRO, it hasn’t been a crushing disappointment either. The more I’ve been looking at the state of the game, reading the forums, playing it, and covering news, the more I’ve felt the need to grade how the game is doing in the right here and now.

So why not? It’s school season, so let’s embrace the academic spirit and assign some marks to LOTRO’s operation and state. Agree with these grades? Disagree? Get out your quill and scratch your own thoughts down there in the comments!

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LOTRO’s Ugrukhor isn’t too happy with the state of affairs in Mordor

The power vacuum created after the fall of Sauron in Middle-earth has wide-spread ramifications for Mordor (the country) and Mordor (the expansion). In its latest enemy leader spotlight video, Lord of the Rings Online checks in with Ugrukhor and finds a man who is not too pleased with his current position.

Aside from his unfortunate name, Ugrukhor feels passed over for glory and power as he’s left as a steward in Udun. Check out this Anakin Skywalker-wannabe and listen to his griping after the break!

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Lord of the Rings Online Roglarg trailer shows that there is no love lost between spider and orc

How many official videos will it take to wash out the taste of that terrible Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor launch trailer? At least a few more, in our opinion.

At least for today we have a new entry in the game’s “After the Fall” series that looks at the charming Orc leader Roglarg. He’s one of the several bad guy bosses vying for power in Mordor now that Sauron is on a permanent vacation. But even cranky villains have deep fears, and Roglarg’s is of one particular giant spider who might be coming back for a regime change.

Check it out after the break!

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LOTRO Legendarium: Is Mordor too difficult?

If there’s one topic of discussion that I’ve been hearing a lot in world chat, on the forums, and among my kinship, it’s about Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor and its huge jump in difficulty.

It is pretty much the first thing you notice when you head through the Black Gates to the land beyond. Mordor is waiting there, ready to chew you up and spit you back out. Until you start getting the new quest gear rewards and bump up your Light level with it, progress is agonizingly slow. And even after a zone or two, it’s far from a walk in the park. Mobs hit hard, have deep health pools, and often are packed together so that pulling just one is an impossibility. I’ve probably died more times these past few weeks than the last two years in LOTRO.

It’s almost like I’m playing a different game. Once or twice, I’ve rested my forehead against my desk and typed out in frustration, “It feels like this expansion wants to abuse me!” And I hear nothing but sympathy in response from those feeling the same.

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The LOTRO team dishes on Mordor and PvMP

Hungry for more information about Lord of the Rings Online and its recent Mordor expansion? YouTuber Stefalla interviewed Standing Stone Games CM Jerry Snook to see what news he could glean from the studio.

One pressing question was when Mordor will become available for LOTRO Points, considering that some players have held off purchasing the expansion until this happens. Snook said that this is planned for winter some time around Update 22, although he wouldn’t commit to a firm date.

It’s a little hard to listen to, as English is not the native language of Stefalla, but there’s some interesting stuff here, especially in regard to the development of Mordor’s storyline outside of the narrative of the books. Check it out after the break!

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LOTRO Update 21.1 works to improve Mordor

The road goes ever on for Lord of the Rings Online — as does the work needed on its newest expansion, Mordor. Today the team released Update 21.1, a patch designed to fix a few glaring errors, add in a smattering of content, and deliver quality-of-life improvements to the new High Elf race.

High Elves have gotten their own horse summoning animations and some new starting characteristics, and the devs have fixed several hair options for Elves and Man characters.

Over in Mordor, where evil never sleeps because it’s too dang loud, there are now “Scourges of Gorgoroth” populating the country for players to find and defeat. Players who struggled with the early quests dealing with spies and surrendering mobs will be pleased to know that they’re now easier to find.

With the Summer Festival over, LOTRO plans to kick off its Famer’s Faire on Wednesday.

Source: Patch notes


LOTRO brings back summer festival for a reprise, talks about getting a ‘breather’ from Mordor’s gloom

Missed Lord of the Rings Online’s summer festival the first time around? Have a few quests left to do or some extra tokens to spend? You’re in luck, because the studio is bringing back the holiday for a week and a half reprise from August 10th through the 20th.

This reprise required a change to the planned dates for the Farmer’s Faire, which is now scheduled from August 23rd through September 8th. You can keep up on all of the small and large events on the official schedule.

If you’re making your way through the first zone of Mordor, you might want to keep The Bearded Minstrel’s visual guide at the ready. And don’t let the omnipresent gloom of the country get you down; the developers said that they crafted the allegiance system as a way to encourage day trips out of Mordor for a break.

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LOTRO Legendarium: First steps into Mordor


It’s a fascinating place to begin an expansion, really. Most games like to set up a new threat, pit players against impossible odds, and have them struggle toward a final boss in some distant raid somewhere. Lord of the Rings Online, however, enjoys bucking trends now and then, and no more so than with its new Mordor expansion.

The first few minutes revisit the conclusion of the Quest of the One Ring, with the surprising triumph of the Battle of the Black Gate, the eagle air-lift of Sam and Frodo, and the destruction of the Ring. Everyone is taken to a peaceful glade to lick their wounds, reconnect with friends, and savor the victory. Even the epic book, which we’ve been working on completing for 10 years now, has come to a conclusion. Shortest expansion ever, right?

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Going to Mordor in LOTRO? Take this handy guide with you!

Players in Lord of the Rings Online are quickly discovering that Mordor doesn’t mess around. The new region will kick your butt and hard, until you’re able to claw your way up to better gear and figure out how the light and shadow system works.

Thanks be to the community for coming together to produce an adventurer’s guide for the new expansion. The guide lays out each zone and its associated quests, along with a few helpful tips to get players through the rougher parts.

Also featured in this thread is an explanation of the allegiance system, a link to the location of all of the rare treasure chests, a guide to the shadow and light system, and pointers for gear acquisition. Cheers for the players who spent time putting this together!


Lord of the Rings Online’s Mordor expansion is officially live with a launch trailer

After just a brief delay (but still probably way too soon), Lord of the Rings Online has officially launched its Mordor expansion. I’m sure I owe somebody something for wagering all those years ago that we’d never get to this day, but here we are.

“This expansion allows players the ability to explore the shadowy lands beyond the Black Gate and includes:
Over 300 new quests: Players journey into Mordor and plunge into a new adventure, filled with lost stories, unfamiliar enemies, and the opportunity to fight through the lands around Mount Doom and beyond.
A new allegiance system: Pledge support to one of the factions seeking to reclaim this long-lost piece of Middle-earth. Players will be able to gain bonuses, story and exclusive gear along the way!
Crafting and gear updates: Players are able to customize their Hero with all-new armor, weapons, accessories, and more!
A new race – the High Elf. With the purchase of the Collector’s Edition or the Ultimate Fan Bundle, players will be able to ally with the High Elf.
Extensive landscape updates. Explore the beautiful and terrifying landscape of Gorgoroth to discover hidden treasures and additional rewards.”

You can pick up the expansion on the official site, but maybe take a look at our thoughts on the different tier packages first — you’re looking at at least $40. We’ve tucked our Mordor coverage to date down below along with the launch trailer, which, well… it doesn’t really show the game’s best look. Happy patch day!

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