mortal online

Official Site: Mortal Online
Studio: Star Vault
Launch Date: June 9, 2010
Genre: Fantasy PvP Sandbox
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Mortal Online 2 shows off the city of Kranesh in a recent video

While the in-development Mortal Online 2 might sound like a world of misery and danger, that also doesn't mean that there can't be nice...

The MOP Up: Second Life’s super expensive brothel

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Mortal Online 2 writes an FAQ and lays out an alpha development roadmap

How are things going in the open sandbox alpha world of Mortal Online 2? It's hard to really say, since we're not entrenched in...
Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

Mortal Online 2 begins its closed combat alpha

Will second time be the charm for Mortal Online? As we noted last year, Swedish Studio Star Vault is deep into development on a...

The MOP Up: Naruto Slugfest steps up to bat

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The MOP Up: Coronavirus concerns are impacting PAX East 2020

Sony became the biggest game company to pull out of Boston-based PAX East 2020, citing concerns about the coronavirus not-quite-an-epidemic. "Sony Interactive Entertainment made...
Ho, then when I say so, ho again.

The Massively Overpowered 2019 winter holiday MMO roundup

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Mortal Online devs announce Mortal Online 2 (again) – check out the trailer!

Way back in February, Mortal Online developer Star Vault announced it was following up that first MMORPG and its 2018 battle royale spinoff with...

The MOP Up: Mortal Online’s meaning of Christmas

What is Christmas like in a brutal and bloody sandbox MMORPG? To answer that, you'll need to head to Mortal Online for a first-hand...

Mortal Online opens up a new starting zone for players with today’s Haven update

The word "haven" means a lot of things, but almost all of them relate to a feeling of safety. In a game like Mortal...

Mortal Online revamps the whole newbie experience in next week’s Haven update

It's been a minute since we talked about Mortal Online, which earlier this year began teasing Mortal Online 2 and last year tried its...

The MOP Up: Warframe’s community designs stunning fashion

One really neat aspect of the ultra-popular Warframe is that Digital Extremes invites artistic community members to design cosmetics for the game. The best...

Perfect Ten: The bloodiest MMOs of all time

I am not nor ever have been that much of a fan of gore and blood in video games. Oh, I thought Doom was...
Mortal Online

Mortal Online devs say they’re building Mortal Online 2 and bringing existing lifers and wealth along

Sandbox MMO Mortal Online developer Star Vault made headlines last year for Mortal Royale, a battle royale that boasts a giant map and a...

Mortal Online devs will launch Mortal Royale to Steam early access today

So here's a thing that did not exactly make my list of favorite trends this year: MMOs transparently courting the battle royale market with...

Mortal Online sandbox MMO devs try battle royale with Mortal Royale

Trove, Skyforge, and now Mortal Online - it's a weird batch of MMORPGs whose devs are getting into the battle royale scene, but there...
Mortal Online

Mortal Online warns of data breach, advises users to change passwords

If you've been playing Mortal Online this spring or summer, you should probably be aware that a troubling data breach that happened last month...

Mortal Online doesn’t just expose you to weather, it lets you control it

Mortal Online is going all-in on the weather industry. The forecast? A storm of fury, electrocution, and ice, all coming in a low front...

Massively OP’s Best of 2017 Awards: Best MMO Crafting of 2017

Massively Overpowered's end-of-the-year 2017 awards continue today with our award for Best MMO Crafting, which was awarded to Landmark last year (and no, we didn't know...

The Daily Grind: Why does EVE survive where other PvP sandboxes stumble?

MOP reader Tobasco da Gama pointed us to a recent Reddit thread about why EVE Online persists, even in a weakened state, where other...