The Daily Grind: What’s the most expensive item you’ve ever bought in an MMORPG cash shop?

A few weeks back, I was super excited about the elk mount coming to the Elder Scrolls Online cash shop. I needed a...

Trove’s underwater dragon is a rare quarry worth hunting

Only in MMOs will killing a dragon net you a dragon. Such are the mysterious and physics-bending ways of the loot table. For example,

EverQuest II has a 12th anniversary mount waiting for you

The Heroes' Festival has returned to the lands of Norrath, and for this year's celebration, the EverQuest II team has something truly special...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO doesn’t have mounts — and needs them?

Let's talk mounts and MMOs. When Star Wars Galaxies launched, it did not have vehicles. It had neither speederbikes nor or ridable tauntauns. For almost...
Back in the 90s, I was in a very famous teevee show.

SamuTale brings out a horse-filled update for closed alpha

If you bought a founder's pack for SamuTale, you could have been already playing in the game's closed alpha... but you couldn't have...
Well, I guess it's cool.

Here are the mounts coming in Riders of Icarus’ next update

Riders of Icarus is a game that's all about riding things. Really, it's right there in the title; it's not called "Walkers of...

TERA ushers in the Guilded Age

You know how some MMO content patches have a spread of features, giving everyone a little something? Well, TERA's update this week isn't...

Mounts trot into Villagers and Heroes

Tired of walking around like a chump to your destinations in Villagers & Heroes? The game's September update has fixed that, as the...
Everything is fine.

Riders of Icarus shows off the Lair of Ienos, live in today’s patch

Deep within his lair off of Parna's Coast, the demon Ienos is chilling and lamenting how few people come over to his home. He...
Pictured? Not me.

Final Fantasy XI adds new item rewards, new mount areas, and easier crafting

You're probably tired of hearing at this point how Final Fantasy XI's maintenance mode is more active than many game's live-with-normal-updates mode. Is...
Well, this was a little on the nose, wasn't it?

TERA is offering players pigs who do in fact fly

You know all of those crazy things you said you'd do when pigs fly? Well, that's a thing that's happening. TERA has

First impressions of Nexon’s Riders of Icarus

Earlier this month, the latest addition to Nexon’s perpetually expanding stable of MMORPGs, Riders of Icarus,

The Stream Team: Nab a Neverwinter boar mount key for Xbox One

Did you miss your chance at an Xbox One exclusive boar mount for Neverwinter during MOP's giveaway last week? Well, now you have...

Check out a video preview of TERA’s flying mounts

Dear readers, if you have a delicate constitution, the video below the cut may prove too shocking for you. You see, as the video...

Black Desert addresses pre-order horse controversy

For want of a tier 5 horse, a kingdom was lost -- or so the saying goes. Some Black Desert players are quite upset...

Nexon’s Riders of Icarus plans another round of closed beta

Announced back in January, Nexon's Riders of Icarus was promoted as a free-to-play action adventure MMORPG with "exhilarating aerial combat." The...
Ride or... um, actually, just ride. Riding is your goal here.

Skyforge’s Reaper’s’ Revenge adds new mount customization, vector stats

Mounts are pretty important in any game that offers them; they get you from place to place, they often provide assorted benefits, and they...
Weird dog.

Final Fantasy XI updates with mounts and a new battle style

If you want to get somewhere in Final Fantasy XI, you usually have to walk there. Like an animal. Sure, there are rentable...

Final Fantasy XI is adding new mounts and new battle content with its next patch

Have you long seen the backs of animals in Final Fantasy XI and thought to yourself, "I could totally be riding that instead...
The ice is thin, come on, dive in.

WildStar opens up the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational

The iconic vehicle of WildStar is the hoverboard because it's like a skateboard but it's a hoverboard. So how would you like to...