Opinion: Free Guy is a great watch – particularly for MMO fans

I don't wind up writing a whole lot of movie reviews. This isn't because I don't watch a lot of movies or don't think...
The stars are over Dun Morogh.

WoW Factor: How do we make a good Warcraft movie?

Sometimes, dear readers, things simply do not line up. I really have a long piece I'm looking forward to doing, and then Blizzard does...
Let the wrong ones in.

Valve is getting rid of Steam’s non-gaming video service because you probably didn’t know it existed

Sorry, Steam fans, but the platform's non-gaming video section is being retired. Yes, you will no longer be able to buy hit movies like...

Latest Monster Hunter film photo gives hope for a (somewhat) faithful adaptation

At this point, it's a fairly natural reaction to be wary of video game movie adaptations, especially ones that employ the tired old "person...
Roar and such.

Capcom officially announces live-action Monster Hunter film adaptation

There have been rumors flying aroundĀ for a while, but we've got more concrete details now: Capcom has confirmed that a film adaptation of its...
Someone must have had fun with this at some point, right?

Legendary Entertainment is making an e-sports film starring Will Ferrell

Well, it's official: No one gets to act as if e-sports or video games are anything less than mainstream at this point. Legendary Entertainment,...
I know who he is, what I'm not clear on is why.

Marvel Heroes celebrates the Dr. Strange film with new costumes and free access to the hero

A big-budget Dr. Strange film is hitting theaters on Friday. No one, not even the studio executives responsible for the film, is clear on...
I want to go back (go back)

Interview: Cryptic on the launch of Star Trek Online’s Agents of Yesterday

Today, players will get to go back in time in Star Trek Online. Only for your new characters, it's not actually back in time...
Oh, no, I have to list this among my past acting credits!

Editorial: The Warcraft film is absolutely awful

A film does not have to be good to be entertaining. I hold that as a pretty firm truth. Snakes on a Plane, for...
Flops MacKenzie

Warcraft film hits a roundly disappointing $24.4 million opening in the US

It might seem a bit baffling that the Warcraft film was released in China well before it was released in the United States (which...
Flops MacKenzie

The first Warcraft movie reviews are in, and they’re not good

It may be that you were still holding on to some hope somewhere in your mind that Warcraft was going to be a good...
Baby, it's cold outside.

World of Warcraft’s movie transmog items just ask you to log in

Are you excited about the upcoming World of Warcraft tie-in with the film? Are you annoyed because you're going to have to buy a...
Oh no.

The new Warcraft movie trailer features plenty of dwarves and orcs

The latest trailer for the Warcraft movie features a lot of Orcs, Dwarves, and lines imploring both sides to join together. If you have...
The elf is superfluous in this scenario.

Stormwind and Orgrimmar guards are excited for Star Wars in World of Warcraft

Being a writer for this particular outlet means getting to work from home, which means that the dress code rules aren't terrible restrictive. The...
THe first rule of fight club is that you shouldn't be in a club to fight people, that's mean.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is having a double experience weekend after Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Let's not mince words: We all know that a new film set in a galaxy far, far away is coming out in the very...
I'm not sure which set of CGI looks better. That's not good.

Compare and contrast the Warcraft movie trailer to the same areas in World of Warcraft

The landscapes of the upcoming Warcraft movie are not unfamiliar to veterans of World of Warcraft. Heck, they're not even unfamiliar to dabblers within...

Warcraft movie delayed once again

If you were making plans to head to theaters in March of next year to see the Warcraft film as soon as it opened,...

Working As Intended: ‘Multiplex monotony’ and the death of the mid-budget MMORPG

Back in December, film editor and author Jason Bailey wrote a piece on Flavorwire called How the Death of Mid-Budget Cinema Left a Generation...