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Be a ‘superstar’ in Music Man Online’s open beta test

“What’s up, superstars!”

Obviously, that’s directed at you, not us. And as a superstar, you’ll no doubt be interested in participating in Music Man Online’s open beta test. The OBT, which began today, adds in the “item mall” (in-game cash shop) and will not feature any more wipes.

Music Man Online is a crazy fusion of “magic, technology, and magic” in which players take on the roles of dancers trying to impress an audience while also maintaining an active dating life. It features a DDR-like minigame system for dance-offs as well as fashion galore.

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Betawatch: July 10th, 2015

Star Citizen managed to seize everyone’s attention this week. Was it the opening of a new office for the game’s development studio? The latest update from the studio in the wake of delay announcements? Or was it the fact that there’s no way to combine the terms “Derek Smart” and “Star Citizen” in a topic without people paying attention? The world may never know, but my money’s on the last point.

It was a quiet week for betas otherwise, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened. Examples? Well…

And, you know, there’s a whole list of game in testing past the break down there. See something missing or with an inaccurate status? Let us know, dear readers! That’s what the comments are for.

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Perfect Ten: How to find the right MMO for you

A common question that I see posited around forums and Reddit is, “What MMO should I play?” If there is a more loaded question than that in this community, I haven’t heard it. What is usually being asked, by both newcomers and long-time players, is, “What MMO is right for me that I haven’t played yet?”

While I hear you and have been there, the truth is that there is no one universal answer to that question. There are just hundreds if not thousands of MMOs, big and small, out on the market, each with its own personality, feature set, and setting. Those have to be compared and matched up with the millions of people who all have their own unique preferences. It’s what makes recommending an MMO a difficult proposition.

I’m game for difficult! Today’s list won’t be “10 MMOs that I think you should play” but a rundown of how to sort through the important categories that are out there in the hopes of finding the game that’s right for you.

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Music Man Online beckons players to dance and date

Music Man Online — a game that has a delightfuly confusing acronym, by the way — has very little to do with 76 trombones on parade. Instead, it’s a “social, dance, and music” title that pits players against each other to see who is the best at being an entertaining powerhouse.

Players will spend their time in the game collecting music, perfecting dance moves (which are, to quote the website, “95% realistic”) via a DDR-style minigame, dressing up their characters, decking out a house, and engaging in a dating simulator. Developer Snail Games is currently targeting Southeast Asia for Music Man Online’s launch.

You can watch the teaser trailer for Music Man Online after the jump!

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