Maplestory 2 announces a shutdown date for its Chinese server in November

Alas, poor Maplestory 2, you were cute and likable and then you got kicked to the curb after less than two years. We did...

Fractured Online releases live-action trailer ahead of its freebie weekend

Ahead of this weekend's Fractured Online free-play event, Gamigo and Dynamight Studios have dropped a live-action trailer following survivors of brutal demonic attacks training...

Lord of the Rings Online begins testing new class/race combos and major Minstrel rework

The next Lord of the Rings Online update may sound like music to players' ears -- or it may be a discordant jangle. That's...

Star Stable launches new charity initiative to counter negative ‘horse girl’ stereotypes

A few weeks back I joked on the MOP podcast that I'm a secret horse girl, and it's true in real life and in...

Perfect Ten: My memories from the 2004 World of Warcraft launch

Back in November of 2004, I was a wide-eyed 28-year-old bachelor who had just met his future wife and was generally leery about MMOs...
I'm purely decorative!

City of Heroes Homecoming’s Issue 27 Page 4 goes live with its new music-wielding powersets

The testing phase has ended, and the live update is now available for the Homecoming rogue server of City of Heroes. Issue 27 Page...

One Shots: Tower of Final Phantasy

When a popular game comes out, expect to see a whole bunch of pictures of it slathered across the One Shots comments section! That's...

Battle Bards Episode 215: Lineage W

Maybe you’ve never heard of Lineage W, a 2021 spin-off of NCsoft’s long-running franchise. But after today’s Battle Bards episode, you’ll have heard its...

Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak is an upcoming PC and mobile MMORPG featuring prominent Japanese talent

What's in a name? If you're the sort who is invested in major Japanese creators such as artist Yoshitaka Amano or the rock band...
Yep. All right. Super.

Past Fate shows off its first moments of gameplay in a new video

So what's it like when you first step into the world in Past Fate? You don't have to speculate about that any more because...

Vitae Aeternum: The hits and misses of New World’s summer update

Last week saw the release of New World's big summer update, including an extensive music system, the Medleyfaire event, and various endgame tweaks. This...

The Stream Team: Checking out the Medleyfaire and strumming some instruments in New World

It's time to enjoy a summer of fishing and music! MOP's Chris is firing up New World once again to check out the game's...

Vitae Aeternum: New World interview on Summer Medleyfaire, solo play, housing, and more

With the launch of New World's Summer Medleyfaire patch and event this morning, we naturally had questions about the new systems and the future...

Lost Ark hands out a free jukebox tune and removes a broken goodie box

The newest patch for Lost Ark is kind of unremarkable from a content standpoint, unless you like getting free music to play in your...

WoW Factor: So what’s the actual prediction on Dragonflight’s quality?

I was briefly considering doing another math column now that we actually have a date when World of Warcraft: Dragonflight started alpha testing, but......

Browser MMO Flyff Universe outlines summer content, hits 800K players worldwide

Have you been playing Flyff Universe, the browser-based relaunch of the 2005 MMORPG that arrived this past June? If you have, then you're in...

New World says its Medleyfaire event ‘radiates summer fun’

On the New World test server right now is a brand-new event that promises to inject some excitement and joy into the middle of...

City of Heroes Homecoming is testing a new bard-themed control powerset for i27p4

Well this is convenient: Just as I was thinking about playing some City of Heroes, the Homecoming rogue server drops a juicy beta patch...

Riot Games is throwing the Star Guardians at three of its titles in a 10 week-long mega event

Love it or hate it, the magical girl anime sparkliness of the Star Guardians is coming to three different titles under Riot Games' umbrella...

Lord of the Rings Online’s player-run Weatherstock music festival returns July 16

Next week, players of Lord of the Rings Online will come together to rock out at a really tall and important landmark of Middle-earth....