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Neocron’s latest build is more stable and better looking

The community team behind Neocron’s current development should be lauded for how much it works to both keep the game operating and improve upon the sci-fi MMO. Case in point, this week the crew pushed out the Milky Ren update (or as the tech nerds like to call it, Update NE 2.3.242-343).

The patch has a lot of little additions and changes, although there are a few items that stand out from the rest. Several systems and areas have been revamped, including the job center and Tech Haven sectors. Players running through the latter will need to be on their toes, as there are now more security turrets and enemy ‘bots.

Other additions to the patch include a new Fallen Angel apartment, changes in music, a new Hacknet dungeon, improved client stability, and some better textures and decals.

Never heard of this game? Learn about Neocron’s lengthy and fascinating history in our Game Archaeologist retrospective.

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The Game Archaeologist: Neocron

It’s the distant future. The high-tech battle armor you wear sharply contrasts with the ruins of civilization that you traverse. You spot an enemy and raise your pulse rifle, firing off shots as you strafe to cover. Technology hasn’t solved the issue of war; it’s just raised the body count.

PlanetSide 2? Nope — this is Neocron, the quite-forgettable MMOFPS from the way-back era. I like to call it “that game with the most regrettable cover art in the history of video games,” but that isn’t quite as snappy.

Going into this article, I have to admit that I previously knew absolutely nothing about Neocron other than the fact that it was a sci-fi MMO that vaguely reminded me of Anarchy Online. Oh, also the fact that nobody I know or perhaps ever will know played it. Was it just a myth? A practical joke to make us believe in an MMO phantom? Only sifting through layers of dust and grime would produce results, so I rolled up my sleeves and started digging.

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The Stream Team: A look at the new Neocron Evolution

Ask, and ye shall receive! By request, Massively OP’s MJ is going to pop into Neocron to see what this game is all about. Of course she is not going in alone — she’s taking you with her. The game was recently overhauled into Neocron Evolution, went free-to-play, and had a major update, so even if you knew the game before, you might not now. Tune in live at 9:00 p.m. as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you a first jaunt into…

What: Neocron Evolution
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EST on Monday, November 28th, 2016

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Neocron receives a massive ‘evolution’ this weekend

One of the lesser-known but still-running sci-fi MMOs out there is getting a massive upgrade for the modern era. Ever since its release in 2002, Neocron has gone through several iterations and owners, surviving all of these transitions. The current community dev team picked up the dormant game back in 2012, renamed it Neocron Evolution, made it free-to-play, and has been working on overhauling its creaky code and dated visuals ever since.

This Saturday, the Neocron Evolution team will release its 2.3 update. The patch includes a streamlined weapon system, reimagined shield mechanics, more setup choices, bug fixes, feature improvements, and engine upgrades that focus on “modularity and configurability.” Better yet, the team promised that there will be more frequent updates going forward.

“Reaching this point has involved the writing and rewriting of thousands of lines of code,” the team shared. “Huge chunks of Neocron’s underlying systems have been gutted and entirely reengineered from the ground up.”

Source: Neocron Evolution. Thanks Kastaguro!