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Pearl Abyss takes over for Nexon and NCsoft as the biggest exhibitor at South Korea’s G-star

It's really unusual that neither NCsoft nor Nexon will be exhibiting this year at South Korea's G-Star conference in November. This prompted some nervousness...
No, really, Tears for Fears.

Netmarble takes on global publishing duties for Mad World

At long last, Netmarble can proudly stand as the worldwide premiere publisher of MMOs sharing the title with a Tears for Fears song, as...

MMO Business Roundup: Threats on Square Enix, Netmarble’s weak Q2, and Steam’s Workshop scammers

Welcome back to another roundup of business tidbits relevant to the MMO industry! Square Enix: First up, another edition of why we can't have nice...

Rumor: Nexon may be merging its PC and mobile businesses following canceled company sale

Over the course of 2019, we've watched as Nexon's founding family put its controlling interest up for bid, seeking as much as $9B for...

Upcoming mobile title TERA Classic opens up pre-registration in South Korea

Last month, Kakao Games announced that it would be bringing Bluehole Studio's action-combat MMORPG TERA to mobile devices with TERA Classic, and now the...
Leaf it up.

Kakao and Netmarble both bid for a controlling stake in Nexon last week

Our days of playing the fun "who's buying Nexon this week" game are quickly coming to a middle as apparently the auction has finally...
Pretty, still.

TERA Classic is heading to mobile devices in South Korea over the summer

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we are TERA, apparently. You see, while the mobile version of the title, TERA M, is running under...

The MOP Up: Conan Exiles pops its god bubbles

Bubbles. They are marvelous things that thrill children, turn gum into an art form, and apparently ward off evil barbarians from being naughty. Of...

Lineage 2: Revolution goes mad as a hatter with its War in Wonderland update

Lineage 2: Revolution is taking its players through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole in its latest update, which, in the most...

Another crunch-ridden game studio exposed: This time it’s Fortnite’s Epic Games

"Crunch" was surely the gaming industry word of the year in 2018, thanks to a massive backlash over horrible working conditions at some Rockstar...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: TERA Origin, Astaria, NosTale, and Veloren

Welcome back to another brief roundup of MMOs and other online games you’ve (probably) never heard of! Let's kick off our roundup with something for Japan...

Netmarble reveals an English logo for Blade & Soul Revolution

If you were passing curious about Blade & Soul Revolution, one of the two mobile games spinning off of the original PC MMORPG, then...

Nexon settles on five bidders in corporate sale as Tencent splits from Netmarble and MBK

Welp, I'm sorry, guys: You're not on the shortlist to buy Nexon. I know you really wanted it, but it's not to be. As we've...
Leaf it up.

Nexon’s $9B sale draws interest from Amazon, EA, and Comcast

Amazon presents Nexon? It could happen. Nexon's massive $9 billion sale of controlling interest in the company continues to attract major players. VentureBeat is reporting...

Tencent and Netmarble might team up to buy South Korean MMO giant Nexon

It's time for another round of our favorite gameshow, WHO'S BUYING NEXON THIS WEEK? I'm your host, Bree Royce, and with me today playing...

MMO Business Roundup: Netmarble’s Nexon bid, Warframe’s owners, PC H1Z1, and the Fortnite kid who saved us from Facetime

Welcome back to another roundup of the business of business in the MMO and multiplayer world! Among the multiple companies apparently considering serious bids for...

Perfect Ten: Mobile MMOs to watch in 2018

Love it or hate it, MMOs are going mobile in ever-increasing numbers. Last year saw a crop of acclaimed titles making their way to...
This is very rewarding.

Nexon’s founder is selling off his controlling interest – for $9 billion

So, anybody got a spare $9B to buy up the biggest gaming company in South Korea? Reuters reported last night that Nexon founder Kim Jung-ju...

Netmarble’s appeal over deceptive lockbox practices has been dismissed

Even South Korea is getting mighty tired of lockboxes... or at least, tired of scuzzy business practices associated with them. Netmarble had been fined...

Blade & Soul: Revolution on mobile gets official Korean release date

At a recent media conference, Netmarble announced that Blade & Soul: Revolution, the upcoming mobile adaptation of NCSoft's free-to-play martial arts MMO, will officially...