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Come on, guys, we have at least ONE of these characters, right?

Heroes of the Storm introduces its second original character with Qhira

It's time for another character to roll into Heroes of the Storm, and once again she's an original character who has appeared in no...

Overwatch’s newest hero is Baptiste, a combat medic with a shameful past

Following a cryptic tease last week, Blizzard has officially unveiled the newest member of the Overwatch roster, Baptiste, by way of an origin story...
This is the world we live in.

The Daily Grind: Should MMOs encourage or discourage alts?

There are a lot of similarities and parallels between the two games that occupy most of my playtime (Final Fantasy XIV and World of...

Heroes of the Storm appoints the blademaster Samuro to its roster

Heroes of the Storm will eventually spread to encompass every single character Blizzard has ever placed in a game, no matter how obscure. The...
A guardian angel with a rifle.

Overwatch’s next hero is revealed as Ana

If you've been waiting until San Diego Comic-Con to find out the identity of Overwatch's next hero, you're in luck, because the news has...
It's for my experimental patch which nobody knows about, and yet...

Gigantic releases a big (experimental) update today

The beta test for Gigantic is still ongoing despite the financial difficulty of its development studio, but you can't take part in that test...
I thought she was a puppy.

SMITE kicks off the Rising Dawn promotional event

Amaterasu is the Japanese goddess of the sun, a new deity within SMITE's deific roster and a flexible one besides. But bringing Amaterasu alone...
No one liked Warlords. ANd let's be clear, that's because it was bad.

The Daily Grind: What MMO characters have you stuck with for years?

The header picture is of my Shaman in World of Warcraft. I made her with the launch of The Burning Crusade because of course...
What happend to your boobs, Kitty?

You can’t touch Kitty Pryde in this Marvel Heroes trailer

What do Kitty Pryde and MC Hammer have in common? It's not the parachute pants; it's the fact that you literally can't touch Kitty...
Boring space dad yay.

Check out Marvel Heroes’ Age of Ultron content with Vision

It'd be a really weird day if Marvel Heroes weren't paying attention to the next big Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to come out, especially...

Wisdom of Nym: Continuing new in Final Fantasy XIV

All right. The end of last week's column did not, in fact, finish starting new in Final Fantasy XIV. It brought you up to...
Here comes trouble.

Wisdom of Nym: Starting new in Final Fantasy XIV

Starting out fresh in Final Fantasy XIV can be pretty intimidating, I freely admit. I find it all old hat at this point, but...