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The Daily Grind: When your MMO releases new content, do you try it even if it’s not your normal playstyle?

There were a lot of people trying PvP in Final Fantasy XIV for the first time on April 12th. I say this not as...
Fly free, too.

The Daily Grind: How do you like to take on new content in your MMOs of choice?

For some people, the entire goal of a new patch day in Final Fantasy XIV is dying until you figure out the mechanics in new...
I'm the villain, too?

The Daily Grind: Do you get impatient with new MMO content?

The advantage to having a job that takes place at home and centers around video games is the fact that it's pretty easy to...

TennoCon 2019: Warframe’s NightWave Series 2 and Wukong Prime go live, with new ‘Frames and skins incoming

Much of TennoCon 2019 is showing off what will come in the future for Warframe, but two announcements were for the here and now....

Time travel to Secret World Legends’ Dark Agartha November 14

So what happens if all the Secret World Legends' bee-blessed don't save the world from the Filth? Funcom is apparently showing that possibility come...

EverQuest: Empires of Kunark goes live November 16th

EverQuest fans will be able to return to Kunark for more adventures when the 23rd expansion releases on November 16th. Empires of Kunark focuses...
I wanna be like her, wanna look like her, wanna act like her.

Final Fantasy XIV dives into the Deep Dungeon content

In the South Shroud in Final Fantasy XIV, there is a hole, and inside of the hole there lives unspeakable horror. It's the entry...

See your future in Path of Exile’s Prophecy mini-expansion on June 3rd

I see something coming in the future... something that will be of interest to Path of Exile fans. And it will arrive on June...

The Stream Team: Exploring ARK’s new cave biomes

After taking out the Broodmother, MassivelyOP's MJ and the gang were unable to locate ARK's two new caves. It was probably just as good,...
This is the world we live in, etc.

Path of Exile updates players on Ascendancy release dates and staffing changes

In a development that will no doubt shock and confuse many of our readers, January is almost over. If you're a Path of Exile...
It's real fire! It burns! It's very hot!

ELOA launches part two of ‘The Smash’ expansion with two new dungeons

The second part of ELOA's first big expansion is dubbed "The Smash," but it will be an exercise for readers how smashy the two...
We slightly fixed our stuff mostly at the end!

The Elder Scrolls Online looks back on the progress of 2015

The end of the year is the perfect time to look back over the previous 12 months, decide that they were terrible, and vow...

ARK’s ruins and ice cave and arena, oh my!

This might come as a shock to ARK: Survival Evolved players, but Studio Wildcard has announced more content for the survival game, this time...
Now I'm the best thing ever!

WildStar offers up a free-to-play feature trailer

The fact that WildStar is free-to-play means that people who've never bought the game can try it out, and the people who were already...
It's green, right? We're splitting the difference.

DC Universe Online launches Episode 17 for members today

It's October 7th, and do you know what that means? Not just that Halloween is one day closer, as it happens; it means that...
Less exploratory than I might have thought.

Wisdom of Nym: Coordination, aetherial gear, and Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch

How many times a day do you think about aetherial gear in Final Fantasy XIV? If the answer is more than "zero," I'm honestly...
Crower peep.

Hearthstone’s senior game designer discusses the dark side of new content

Hearthstone is a pretty successful game with four expansions under its belt, yet every single expansion has an interesting danger hanging over its head....
This, uh, didn't work out great.

Champions Online offers a guide to playing as Grond

Some people are just set up to be superhumans. Take Champions Online's Grond - the guy was injected with an experimental serum, got more...
The update's big, yeah yeah yeah.

Neverwinter: Elemental Evil goes live on Xbox One

If you've been playing Neverwinter on the Xbox One, you've had to deal with a bit of update lag. There's no way around it,...
Not today, old man.

The Daily Grind: Do you like being ahead of the curve or behind it?

When I play Final Fantasy XIV, I like to be... not on the absolute bleeding edge and rushing through everything, but I want to...