new ships

ho ho no

Star Trek Online shows off its winter event rewards

In Star Trek: First Contact, Captain Jean-Luc Picard outright states that human beings in the Federation are no longer motivated by the acquisition of...
Dinosaur tech.

Star Trek Online previews the community-designed Jupiter carrier

The first community-designed starship is coming to Star Trek Online with the Jupiter-class carrier. While it's got sleek lines, the Jupiter's biggest selling point...
Like this, but with slightly better lines, hopefully.

Star Trek Online is giving players the chance to design a ship

The look of ships in Star Trek Online is a big deal; you spend a lot of time flying about in the ships, after...

World of Warships’ open beta launches today

Let the naval battles commence: World of Warships soft launches today! Above and beyond throwing open the beta doors to one and all, the game...
You can also play a spaceship.

Star Trek Online shows off upcoming Tier 6 Battlecruisers

You can upgrade older ships in Star Trek Online, but your upgraded Tier 5 Battlecruiser just isn't the same as a Tier 6 version...
Bugs are but a dream.

Star Trek Online is rolling out new Tier 6 Veteran ships

Lifetime and veteran subscribers for Star Trek Online have long had access to a special ship that shows off their elite status. Unfortunately, the...
Have a gay old time.

Star Trek Online’s Lohlunat Festival kicks off

Summer fun starts now in Star Trek Online, as the annual Lohlunat Festival kicks off for another year of flying around, riding powerboards, and...
It's not really a new ship without slow pans around it and swelling orchestral music.

How Star Trek Online constructs its new pilot ships

The newest ships in Star Trek Online are all based around making players feel like that piloting specialization was a good expenditure of time...