And a real universe.

Betawatch: Dual Universe could go to consoles – but isn’t planning on it

You'd think an entire piece from the Dual Universe team about how the game wasn't planned for consoles and will still not be going...
Pet action.

Final Fantasy XI offers free login goodies for players with two campaigns

We've already talked about how Final Fantasy XI had had to delay some anniversary fun, but that's not the same as removing all of...
Sparks will fly.

Check out some of the art from the Diablo III that never was

The development and release of Diablo III happened without Blizzard North, because at that time Blizzard North no longer existed. If you're a fan...

Conan Exiles is free for everyone to play until May 18

So, other games are allowing people to explore their wastelands and seeking to entice others? By Crom's teeth, this will not stand! Conan...
Duck duck cast.

Torchlight 3’s Legendarium lets you use legendary item effects across your account without equipping the item

There's nothing worse than getting a cool Legendary in Torchlight 3 that you cannot use because it's a lower-level item and thus not terribly...
Break on through to the other side.

Champions Online is hosting a costume contest of opposites tonight

Inside of every superhero there are two wolves. (Aside from Wolfspout, the man who summons infinite wolves.) One of them has already won, as...
We're fine.

World of Warcraft rotates in the Gravity Lapse brawl as the Impressive Influence buff winds to an end

It's time to get used to going up into the air in Eye of the Storm over in World of Warcraft; the most...
fly fly happy

Aion launches its next chapter, Shadows Over Balaurea, on May 27 for North America

Your time in Balaurea in Aion is changing in the game's NA version on May 27th. The game's next chapter is bringing some...
Not politic

The Division 2’s update 9.1 makes NPCs just worse all around

Gosh, if the NPCs in The Division 2 were players... well, they wouldn't be NPCs at that point by definition, but they'd also be...
Zero, zero, zero, Ted Danson.

Population Zero’s patch today makes your sprained ankles much less annoying

We're going to take a bold stance here on Massively Overpowered and say that sprained ankles are not fun. They're not fun in Population Zero,...
Here in my car, I feel safest of all.

Epic Games Store (and Fortnite logins) get utterly fouled up by Grand Theft Auto V

Downloading Grand Theft Auto V for free - should you? The Epic Games Store said it'd be a thing to do. But Epic's servers got too many...
Why believe in angels?

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has many new race customizations and is considering endless Torghast runs

A new alpha build for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands means new character customization options being added, because that is the most important thing...
I send-a the calzone into space! I don't pay-a the taxes! Oh!

Fallout 76 invites everyone for a free tour of Appalachia this weekend

If you dropped out of Fallout 76 before the Wastelanders update, you may have been inspired to go back already. However, if you never...
GLory can't afford an actual shirt, I guess.

Skyforge strikes up the Days of Glory event for mechanoid battles through May 27

The Days of Glory event has started in Skyforge, and like so many other events for Skyforge, it starts with an invasion....
It's a... you know.

Blizzard teams up with Days of Wonder for the new Small World of Warcraft board game

Sometimes board games go into odd directions. Small World of Warcraft is not "World of Warcraft but everyone is smaller," despite the name; it's...
Urgent, urgent, urgent!

Phantasy Star Online 2 offers up a new set of Urgent Quests and a boost campaign for Advanced Quests

Ah, the many different sorts of quests in Phantasy Star Online 2 never fail to provide a panoply of things for players to...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 271: Population Zero plus three

Justin, Bree, and Sam discuss Population Zero, Blizzard's Q1 2020 report, Trove Delves, ESO's Greymoor prologue, and Guild Wars 2's rollback, with adventures in Fallout 76, Starborne, LOTRO, and SWG Legends, and mailbag topics on MMO reward hoarding and whether SSG's business model is predatory.

The Elder Scrolls Online previews the writing behind the upcoming Greymoor story

The problem in writing vampires in The Elder Scrolls Online is not that you have to invent a reason for them to exist;...

Final Fantasy XIV’s Ayumi Namae explains why newer glamour outfits look more modern

As time has moved forward, Final Fantasy XIV has produced a lot of new cosmetic outfits for players to dress up in... and they've...
We still care.

Final Fantasy XI explains the delay of its anniversary event

It's easy to forget for North American players, but Final Fantasy XI's actual anniversary is in May, since it took a little while before...