Massively OP Podcast Episode 187: The raid in our stars

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2's new living world episode, Boundless, EverQuest II, Blizzard, Warframe, EVE Online, SWTOR, the petition to save WildStar, and our big site revamp.

Grim Dawn previews the Oathkeeper’s abilities in new dev post

The devs over at Crate Entertainment are back with another installment of Grim Misadventures, and this time they're focusing on the upcoming Oathkeeper...

EVE Online dev blog delves into the October balance pass

The latest EVE Online dev blog is all about the upcoming October balance pass, which will focus on reworking the Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)...

ArtCraft devs discuss Crowfall’s development process, community involvement, and future plans in new interview

The folks at Expansive have posted a new interview from Gamescom 2018 in which they sit down with Crowfall's Creative Director...

LawBreakers has formally shut down

It doesn't come as a surprise, but LawBreakers has officially gone dark now with the shutdown of its servers. This follows
Ah, yes. Harvest.

World of Warcraft kicks off its yearly harvest festival (which is not a harvest festival)

It's time for the annual harvest festival in World of Warcraft. Harvest festivals, of course, are a time when everyone comes together as...
It works!

Grinding Gear Games now has 120 staff members working on Path of Exile

Let's not mince words: Path of Exile is a success story in the industry, and nowhere is that clearer in its road from...
What will we do?

There’s a new class coming to Lord of the Rings Online, but what will it be?

There's a new class on its way to Lord of the Rings Online according to one of the weekly streams from Standing...
Why is this the way of the world

Final Fantasy XIV’s Prelude in Violet is live today

It's time to explore the wreckage left after the most recent bit of Final Fantasy XIV's story with the latest patch because
Cubes and gleaming and so on

Warframe’s latest development stream was all about shredding on your K-Drive

When Warframe players get to Fortuna and meet the Vent Kids, they're not going to be ranked by who has the best...
Pictured: Not actually winter, probably.

Blade & Soul previews its Korean winter update with a new trailer

The downside of games with asymmetric worldwide updates is that if you're not in the region getting updated first, you can feel a bit...

Sea of Thieves delays Forsaken Shores update until September 27th

Earlier this week, Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate issued an update to keep fans apprised of Rare's progress on...

The Culling: Origins goes back to basics, makes game free-to-play

It's been a couple of months now since the catastrophic launch and subsequent cancellation of Xaviant Games's battle royale title
You may recognize this design from your own tabletop history. Or something like it.

Kickstarted MMO Fractured shows off its Alpha 1 map of Myr

The first alpha test for Fractured has not yet begun, but you can get a taste of what it'll be like with
Trot along.

Middle-earth Enterprises reassures Lord of the Rings Online fans that the original MMO will be fine

The announcement of a new title set in Middle-earth made Lord of the Rings Online players anxious, and while Standing Stone Games...

The Elder Scrolls Online tours Murkmire, announces new ESO Plus benefits

The Elder Scrolls Online is gearing up to release its newest DLC, Murkmire, which will add the eponymous Argonian territory to

Bethesda wants Fallout 76 to last forever

According to Bethesda's Vice President Senior VP of Marketing Pete Hines, the studio plans for its upcoming Fallout 76 to last until,...

South Korean legislation would make online sexual harassment a criminal offense

According to a recent report from PCGamesN, South Korean legislators are considering a bill that would make sexual harassment in online games a...

Aion’s A New Dawn update adds a new zone and new dungeons, speeds up leveling

Big changes are coming to Gameforge's European version of Aion this month with the A New Dawn content update, which adds...

The MOP Up: Star Trek Online’s starbase defense

With the Age of Discovery pack on its way this fall, players of Star Trek Online are probably curious what the studio has up its...