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Global Chat: ARK invents new types of griefing

Just when you thought you’ve seen every type of online griefing known to man, here comes another. In An Age grouses about how ARK: Survival Evolved recently added handcuffs to the game, allowing players to keep others chained up indefinitely while force-feeding them so that they couldn’t starve to death. He said that this moved raised the bar for “sociopath simulators.”

“There’s fun, and then there’s fun. I’m more in the mood for the latter,” he said, concluding that he was going to leave the game not just for this move but also because of its low frame rate.

This is but the start of our exploration of the MMO blogosphere this week. Read on to see bloggers bite back against cash shops, defend licensed IPs, and explore the concept of the “single-player MMO experience.”

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Ninelives welcomes you to explore its darkly mysterious world

Have you heard of this game called Ninelives? It’s recently started to gain some recognition with the start of its open alpha test, even though it’s been in development for a few years now. If you’ve been jonesing for a new title that focuses heavily on exploration, this might be it.

Ninelives is an “online free-to-play open world adventure RPG” that’s being created by a two-person dev team under the name SmokymonkeyS. The game lacks levels at all, urging players to explore anywhere across Ninelives’ nine zones and pursue their own goals through a system called The Path. Elements in the game world are programmed to shift at times, offering a splash of randomness to keep things fresh. Currently the game has four races and three classes.

It looks as though Ninelives only offers a single-player mode right now although a multi-player mode is said to be in development on its roadmap page: “Implementation of multi-player mode, including scenario based on special maps, cooperative play, and competitive play between players.”

Since it’s an open alpha, you’re invited to jump into the game right away if you like. You can also check out Ninelives’ open alpha trailer after the break.

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