Fortnite canonizes content creators with their own in-game skins

We guess it pays to shill as hard as you can for a game because you never know when the developers are going to...

Reports say Ninja earned a cool $1 million to play Apex Legends

How do you get your stock price to jump 16%? Well, if you're EA, you pay Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins to play your...
Such meaning.

TERA announces Happily Evil After update for PC, bringing Ninja class to consoles this month

September is shaping up to be a good month for TERA players on PC and console alike, as both versions are set to receive...

AdventureQuest 3D readies an epic pirate vs. ninja showdown

Are we really just a month away from September already? That means that there is practically no time to get in our International Talk...

Naruto Online is launching on Wednesday

Ninjas? Anime? MMO releases? All of this and more is coming to you this week, courtesy of Naruto Online's launch on Wednesday, July 20th. Based...

First impressions of TERA’s Secrets & Shadows update and flying mounts

It's no secret: TERA's Secrets & Shadows update arrives this month! And many players are eagerly anticipating diving in to experience these changes for...

Dungeon Fighter Online welcomes female ninja next week

Next week's update for Dungeon Fighter Online will add a new character to the mix: Kunoichi, the girl on fire. There's been no word yet...

Black Desert’s Ninja gets a new trailer

Earlier this week we heard about Black Desert's new Ninja class. Today, developer Pearl Abyss and publisher Daum have released a new trailer for...
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Black Desert’s getting a Ninja and class weapon swapping

Black Desert is getting a Ninja class on its South Korean server before the month is out. MMO Culture reports that the new archetype...
Ninja by mechanics, not by occupation.

Wisdom of Nym: The state of Final Fantasy XIV’s melee DPS

I main melee DPS on my main character in Final Fantasy XIV, but it was never really by design. Originally I was quite happy...