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Classic Super Mario Bros. gameplay goes battle royale with Super Mario Bros. 35

Not even the venerable gaming classic Super Mario Bros. is safe from the battle royale sub-genre, it seems. It's time to say hello to...

Nintendo’s financials hail Animal Crossing’s success while Nexon crushes it with MapleStory

More quarterly financial reports are rolling in, this time from Nintendo and Nexon, and both studios are crowing about exceptional runs. For the big N,...
But better.

PlayStation 5 logo unveiled while rumors swirl about a new Switch model this year

At long last, Sony has unveiled the logo for the upcoming PlayStation 5. And it... looks exactly like the previous logos, but with a number...

Dauntless lands on the Switch today with the Stormchasers update for everyone

If you had told me when Phoenix Labs first announced Dauntless three years ago that it was eventually going to be one of the...

Elder Scrolls Blades kills chest timers, adds PvP, and delays Switch release

Major things are afoot in Elder Scrolls' mobile title. Bethesda just revealed the tentpole features of Blades Update 1.5, and none of it is...

First impressions: Overwatch on the Switch is mostly just Overwatch Mobile

Before Blizzard's bit of October unpleasantness, I was genuinely excited for the Switch release of Overwatch, though somewhat confused since it's clearly so late...
I do crimes.

A retailer release list doubles down on rumors for an Overwatch release on the Switch

With the next Nintendo Direct event for fans in the very near future, the rumors of Overwatch arriving on the Nintendo Switch are flying even...

Amazon listing hints at Overwatch on Nintendo Switch

This is probably not how Blizzard wanted to reveal the latest destination for its hit team shooter Overwatch. An otherwise innocuous Amazon listing for a...
Well, you are a bit weak for MMOs on the Switch.

DC Universe Online launches on the Switch tomorrow – here’s the official ‘Getting Started’ guide

For Nintendo Switch players, tomorrow will mark the start of DC Universe Online's availability for the console. For everyone else, it will be Tuesday....

DC Universe Online soars onto the Nintendo Switch on August 6

From Metropolis to Gotham, the world of DC Universe Online will soon be available in the palm of your hand when the game comes...

E3 2019: Dauntless hits 10 million players and is heading to the Switch

All the hip kids are playing Dauntless, it seems. Phoenix Labs reported today that the game had managed to hit 10 million players, which...

People are actually pretty pleased with Elder Scrolls Blades’ surprise patch

When Bethsoft's Elder Scrolls Blades devs took the stage at BE3 last night, I straight up did the Britney Haynes cringe face, practically holding...

Warframe details changes coming to Nightwave episode 2 as episode 1 draws to a close

The first episode of Warframe's Nightwave series, The Wolf of Saturn 6, will be wrapping up this weekend on Sunday, May 19th, but the...

Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon remaster comes to consoles

If you're a console Warframe player who's been meaning to take another trip to the Plains of Eidolon, now's the perfect time to do...
But slightly different.

SMITE is now available on Nintendo Switch – and now it’s playable for free

This one is going to be real simple. You know what SMITE is, right? It's a MOBA featuring a bunch of deities and a...

Nintendo unveils Tetris 99, wraps up the battle royale genre

Apex Who? Fortwhat? PUBWhere? Forget those amateurs; there's only one real battle royale game that you should be concerned with, and that's Tetris 99....

SMITE launches early access closed beta on the Switch ahead of planned full cross-progression

The 30 million people who've played SMITE on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 are welcoming a whole new generation of Nintendo Switch gamers as...

Massively on the Go: Smash Bros Ultimate’s online scene, one month later

I love Smash Bros. I love the mascot battles, the random items, the hazards. And in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I love the new Ultimate meter...

Warframe garners over a million downloads on Switch, previews second wave of Fortuna content

The folks at Digital Extremes are sending 2018 out with a bang, it seems, as they've just announced that Warframe has received over a...

Warframe leaps into action on the Nintendo Switch today

As of today, Digital Extremes's cyber-ninja MMO shooter Warframe has completed its conquest of the current generation of gaming consoles with its release on...