Norrath is the fictional world of the EverQuest franchise.

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EverQuesting: The absurd number of things to do in EverQuest II

If ever there was a game that gives me decisional paralysis, it's EverQuest II. While it may technically be very much a themepark,...

Perfect Ten: My highlights from pre-launch MMO hype

Maybe the hype and anticipation of an upcoming MMORPG leaves you feeling burned out and turned off these days. Considering that some titles can...

EverQuesting: The gaffe of gating EverQuest II’s content behind a sub

With last week's release of GU100 in EverQuest II, an interesting conversation reared its head again -- a not necessarily flattering one for...

The Stream Team: Rebuilding EverQuest II’s ancient Stein of Maggok

While searching for an assassin for the latest EverQuest II Heritage Quest, MassivelyOP's MJ also picked up the task of rebuilding the ancient Stein of...

Zek is reborn as EverQuest II launches GU100 for members

If you've been looking forward to seeing EverQuest II's Zek in a whole new way, GU100 has delivered up a tasty treat...

The Stream Team: EverQuest II’s flight of the Fury

While MassivelyOP's MJ and crew have been spending time working through Heritage Quests, the rat has gotten all of the attention; MJ's Fury has...
Yes, this assuages my nervousness, you bet.

Daybreak exec on early access, e-sports, VR, EverQuest Next, and the future of EverQuest

122 has published a lengthy interview with Daybreak chief publishing officer Laura Naviaux Sturr on the evolution of the MMORPG studio over the...

EverQuesting: Daybreak is on the right side of the MMORPG legacy server debate

WoW is stupid. Yes, I said it. World of Warcraft is dumb. More accurately, I should say Blizzard is stupid. The reason? Its...

Perfect Ten: Most notable console MMORPGs to date

It used to be that hunting for a console MMORPG was one of the most fruitless endeavors known to gamers. The PC was where...

EverQuesting: Let EverQuest Next live on in Landmark

Well, then. When it rains, it pours. After a lengthy drought of EverQuest Next and Landmark news, we finally got some. And not...

Get hitched and storm Zek in EverQuest II’s GU 100 on April 28

Although EverQuest II is known for fall expansions, the game updates throughout the year can be pretty meaty as well. And it just...

Global Chat: The death of EverQuest Next

There are some MMO industry events that, when they occur, spark a wildfire of blog posts across the community. This past week's announcement by...
Power whelming. Power with just the right amount of whelm.

Dave Georgeson says he’d have delivered EverQuest Next ‘to vision’

In the wake of EverQuest Next's cancelation, gamers have been peppering former EQ franchise director Dave Georgeson, who was let go...

EverQuesting: A guide to EverQuest II leveling zones

One of the reasons new players find it so difficult to get into older games is because there is so much to do that...

The Daily Grind: What is your favorite memory from the EverQuest franchise?

It's interesting to note that the EverQuest video game franchise, as a whole, is quite large -- perhaps bigger than you realized. There's the...

EverQuesting: A guide to EverQuest II’s monthly and yearly events

Anyone familiar with EverQuest II knows that Norrath likes to celebrate. The game is filled with so many holidays and festivals that it...

Amour strikes in EverQuest and EverQuest II

Expressing affection for one's fellow player, bringing like souls together in love, and gorging on many things covered in pink frosting -- 'tis the...

EverQuesting: Music makes EverQuest II’s Terrors of Thalumbra complete

Music has been on my mind a lot lately. OK, so it is always on my mind! From skipping down the streets belting out...

EverQuesting: A 2016 franchise forecast for EverQuest Next, EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Landmark

We've looked back at 2015 for the launched games EverQuest and EverQuest II, the long-lasting beta of Landmark, and the...

EverQuesting: EverQuest, EverQuest II, Landmark, and EverQuest Next in 2015

When it comes to the EverQuest franchise, looking back at 2015 is a much different experience than looking back at 2014 was. That previous...