Daybreak, Cryptic, City State, Frontier, and more MMO studios affected by worldwide pandemic shutdowns

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make itself felt, we've got another quick roundup of news relevant to MMO players. First, we've...

Dual Universe shares the tech being used to optimize performance going forward

In a sandbox game with procedural generation and voxel building, there's a lot of moving parts that can very likely bog a player's PC...

Dual Universe offers a look at the new global 3-D navigation feature coming in alpha 3

Yep, it's another alpha 3 preview from Dual Universe! This time, it's a peek at the global 3-D navigation feature, which isn't exactly a...
So we can agree that we're not getting the anchovies.

Dual Universe’s game-changing alpha 3 is officially going live today

It's been the subject of a whole lot of reporting here recently, and for pretty good reason: Alpha 3 of Dual Universe is looking...

Dual Universe takes a close look at organizations, rights management, and ownership

Carving out a piece of the interstellar dream is likely going to be the driving motivator for most players of Dual Universe, whether it's...

Dual Universe shows off new piloting updates coming to Alpha 3

Dual Universe's upcoming January Alpha 3 test keeps on showing off features. This time, it's all about piloting control, which will be seeing a...

Here’s what’s changing in Dual Universe’s economy when alpha 3 launches

Let's talk about money. Space money. Dual Universe dev Novaquark tweeted out a blog post that almost flew under the radar, and it shouldn't...
Single-platform universe.

Dual Universe shares its latest narrative Tale and shows off community creations

Sure, Dual Universe is mostly about building neat stuff and surviving the sandbox world of its sci-fi space, but it's also got some lore...

Dual Universe hires former CCP technical director as its chief technical officer

Talk about a wealth of experience in internet spaceship sandbox development. Dual Universe developer Novaquark has hired CCP's former technical director Högni Gylfason as...

Dual Universe shows off alpha 3’s new industry features and answers numerous player questions

Alpha 3 is on the horizon for Dual Universe, which means the questions and the feature details are still coming. The devs at Novaquark...

Dual Universe shows off some visual updates arriving in alpha 3

There's plenty to look forward to in the alpha 3 build of Dual Universe, but perhaps one of the more immediately striking is some...
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Dual Universe shows off a community race from the Earth to the moon and back

The thing that keeps me intrigued about sandboxes is the fact that the community can come together to create its own events, and one...

Dual Universe confirms ship vs. ship combat and organizations are coming to alpha 3 in January

It's been a busy year for Dual Universe, and 2020 looks to be just as busy if the next phase of alpha is any...

Dual Universe releases building tutorial video on Space Core alignment

So Dual Universe now lets players build stuff in space. Even on paper, that sounds tricky, nevermind having to use Space Cores, line them...

Dual Universe alpha 2.1 will let players create space stations thanks to Space Core Units

While one of the bigger hooks for Dual Universe has always been about building stuff, making a space station has been a little more...

Preview: Dual Universe demos alpha 2’s player economy, solar system, and space stations

You know that feeling when you follow a game's development and it just keeps getting better and better? I don't mean the promises of...

Dual Universe’s new podcast talks up the features of alpha 2 and 3

Do you have 30-odd minutes to yourself and want to hear about Dual Universe? Then your extremely specific needs are met as a podcast...

Indie sandbox MMORPG Dual Universe just raised another $11.2M from investors

We've had an eye on Dual Universe for the last three years, since even before its official reveal in 2016. Since that time, it's...

Dual Universe update introduces barter and talent systems

Novaquark's Dual Universe may still be in alpha testing, but the sci-fi title took one giant leap forward this month in becoming a full-fledged...

Dual Universe is embracing player-to-player trading, not just an auction hall

While many MMO players are slowly becoming inured to the idea that some modern MMOs won't have proper player-to-player trading, I'll never be one...