Conan Exiles boasts about its concurrency while looking to stability improvements

While Conan Exiles may have made a fairly quick trip out of early access compared to its peers in the genre, there’s always the worry that it’s already made its mark and launch won’t get people interested in it. However, the people at Funcom seem happy with its concurrency numbers, as the game’s official Twitter reported concurrency of around 50,000 players on Sunday evening. That’s just how many people were all online and playing at the same time.

The same Twitter was also used to inform players that while there are other plans down the road, the immediate focus for the team is on addressing performance and stability issues; quality-of-life improvements and other patches will have to wait a little bit longer. So while there’s more stuff coming down the road, it can hold off until everyone can log in and play the game reliably. Which is probably for the best.

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Radical Heights patches in a new scanner and new customization

Where are your enemies in Radical Heights? Considering the fact that it’s a battle royale game, they’re everywhere. But the latest patch adds in a new scanner device that should still be useful; even if everyone is your enemy, it’s good to know if anyone is nearby and whether or not people are approaching you or chasing someone else. You can make a tactical decision about avoiding or engaging, after all.

The patch also adds a number of new cosmetic options for players, along with a plethora of bug fixes and performance improvements. The game’s player numbers have still been flagging from its initial heights at launch, so it remains to be seen if these tweaks and improvements help draw a greater playerbase to the game. But if your main reason for not playing was the lack of enemy radar, you’ll be very lucky!

Source: Steam page; thanks to Sorenthaz for the tip!


Trove has passed 15 million players… and lots of other milestones

Congratulations are in order for Trove, which has passed 15 million players over the course of its lifespan. That’s a lot of people logging in and playing. And the developers have some more entertaining stats for the game as well; players have placed over 6.5 billion blocks, and they’ve also destroyed more than 10 billion blocks in total. That’s… a lot of blocks.

More than 237 million quests have been completed, nearly 353 million clubs have been entered, and about 119.9 million pinata parties have gotten cracking. There are also 161 million or so lifetime played hours across all players, which comes out to nearly 185 centuries of total playtime. So congratulations on all of your big numbers, Trove. People really like you, and it counts.

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DC Universe Online is releasing its stat rebalance with its next major patch

No one likes seeing numbers go down in an MMO. You work really hard to make sure your attack power goes as high as possible, and then suddenly one day you log in and find out that it’s lower than it used to be. That’s one of the changes coming with DC Universe Online’s most recent pass on stat revisions. However, that’s no need to be worried, as your actual output will not change. You may have 10% less attack power, but everything is scaled down by the same 10% to keep exponential stat scaling under control. So while it means a smaller number, it won’t affect your performance.

The most recent stat update also goes into making individual healer skills more effective, so healing feels less like a matter of spamming and more like an act of balance. Controllers have also had their power regeneration numbers buffed, so that will help that role produce a bit more of an impact. If you can’t wait to try this out for yourself, the good news is that it’s going live with game update 73 within the next few weeks as developers fine-tune the change. So it won’t be tomorrow, but it will be soon. (Whether or not it will hit in time for our current Choose My Adventure run is another matter altogether.)


Wild West Online discusses splitting the difference between scale and player participation

How many players makes an MMO? It seems like a straightforward question, but it’s a rather complex one, and one that Wild West Online is attempting to answer by degrees. The official statement on the matter is that the developers are doing their best to find a balance between having a sufficiently large population to feel massive while also having a small enough number to feel relevant on an individual level.

The statement explains that if there are too many players, each individual person feels as if the whole thing is going on whether or not one player takes part. By contrast, too few players makes the game feel empty and, well, not actually massive, thereby defeating the entire point of the genre. No hard numbers are stated for the record, but players are already speculating on what this means for allowed player populations per server. If it’s a subject near and dear to your heart, you may want to weigh in as well.


The Daily Grind: What form of balance is best for MMOs?

I’ve been thinking about balance a lot. We all say that we’d like a balanced game, but there are a lot of different potential meanings behind “balanced.” Final Fantasy XI, for example, is balanced around the idea that every single job has a roughly equivalent pool of tricks. That means that classes like Red Mage and Blue Mage are considered balanced because Red Mage is more flexible and has access to more tricks constantly… despite the fact that Blue Mage, in every practical sense, is better at doing everything and is far more desirable in content.

By contrast, World of Warcraft is fond of across-the-board balance changes wherein a given class or spec gets 20% higher damage or 20% lower damage. The problem with that form of balancing is that it doesn’t really address tricks (or lack thereof), and a 20% damage drop just makes a spec 20% worse, while a 20% increase doesn’t make a bad rotation any more fun to play. You could also balance things by trying to tune or adjust specific abilities… but that runs the risk of having a cascade effect or having no effect at all, and sometimes you remove or weaken an ability that isn’t really at the heart of any power issues.

In short, any approach has issues. But what do you think, readers? What form of balance is best for MMOs?

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We still don’t really know how many people play The Elder Scrolls Online

How many players does The Elder Scrolls Online have? We don’t know — ZeniMax is coy about that. But we do have a better idea of the scale thanks to numbers Bethesda recently released to Polygon as part of its One Tamriel mainstream media blitz. The highlights:

  • ZeniMax confirmed that the ESO playerbase dipped in between the April 2014 launch and the hybrid B2P transition last year.
  • Concurrency following the removal of the mandatory sub with Tamriel Unlimited in the spring of 2015 “tripled.”
  • The console launch was so big — and Bethsoft’s predictions about the playerbase were so low — that “all service completely melted down.”
  • Following the console launch, Bethsoft says, ESO was “approaching over 500,000 people simultaneously on the system” — that’s 235,000 playing concurrently and over 200,000 in queues.
  • The playerbase is almost evenly spread among the PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms, about 30% apiece “give or take.”
Source: Polygon


The Crew boasts five million players

Would you believe that The Crew has five million players? Because apparently it has indeed just hit the five million mark, which is the sort of revelation that’s going to prompt one of two reactions. You’re either going to be completely stunned about this and wonder why in the world the developers go on to talk about Easter eggs after that revelation, or you’ll be wholly unsurprised and more interested in reading about the Easter eggs before having your meal of freshly cooked emu meat.

Or maybe it’ll be ostrich. Some large flightless bird or another, that’s the important point.

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but the definition of “player” isn’t clearly put forth here – it could mean five million registered users, five million copies bought, or five million concurrent players right now. Probably not the last one, though. Still, it’s a big milestone for the game regardless. And if that’s not really your speed, hey, Easter egg rundown.


Hearthstone announces 50 million registered players

The latest Hearthstone expansion release coincides with another bombshell for the game, with an official announcement from Activision Blizzard boasting that the game has hit 50 million players. Granted, some of those accounts are probably multi-boxed accounts owned by the thousand coiling arms of N’Zoth, slinging cards against himself in a dark ritual of madness, but that’s still a lot of accounts.

The report does not state the exact criteria required to be counted as a registered player, so you can feel free to endlessly debate exactly how much of a success this makes Hearthstone overall. But there’s not much space to debate whether or not it is a success. And if this makes you want to log in and play, well, we certainly can’t blame you, not with the whispers of Yogg-Saron caressing our mind, haunting our dreams, beckoning us toward great plateaus of abandoned hope and cards from which a scattering of mana crystals can be heard clattering forever.


Star Citizen approaches the $100 million funding mark

Numbers are kind of funny. The total amount of Star Citizen‘s funding doesn’t really mean anything, per se; $100 million is just a significant number because of our base-ten system, and there only because it’s a nice round number. But it still feels nice to see the number round off nicely, and the game is less than a million away from hitting that milestone.

What will happen when it does? Well, the ticker will roll over to $100 million and the world will go on exactly as before. We do, however, give full authority to whoever may want to break out party hats and noisemakers. Whatever brings you joy.

Source: Official Forums; thanks to Purgman for the tip!


Final Fantasy XIV boasts 5 million registered accounts

Let’s start this news item with an important caveat – we don’t know how many actual active subscribers Final Fantasy XIV has at the moment. What we do know is that the game has five million registered accounts globally, excluding free trial accounts. So while that could mean that the game has two people actually playing and a lot of inactive accounts, it probably means something else.

This announcement comes only two months after the game’s first expansion went live and shortly before the two-year anniversary of the relaunched title. The game also recently launched in South Korea to impressive numbers at the nation’s internet cafes.

Source: Square-Enix press release


Guild Wars 2 adjusts the Revenant based on test feedback

You can’t be playing a Revenant full-time in Guild Wars 2 at this point, but the test weekends with the profession highlighted some balance issues. As a result, the designers have made some fairly sweeping changes to the profession already, starting with the introduction of a weapon swap to go along with the ability to swap between legends. Players also noted that the profession felt slow and undertuned in several areas, which is the focus of the more specific balance changes.

All of the Revenant weapons have been adjusted: staff and hammer skills have all had damage buffs, while axes and maces have had their condition application improved significantly. Players who are looking forward to playing the Revenant should examine the full rundown of the changes; the shifts and the Shiro legend will all be playable during the next public test weekend.


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