Hyperspace Beacon: No, Star Wars The Old Republic isn’t on the verge of sunset

I recently read a wild argument based on unsubstantiated rumor that Star War: The Old Republic is nearing its end of life, that BioWare is tired of it and is considering shutting it down. It’s just one among many I’ve read lately, and I don’t believe they are right. Instead, some appear to be repeating the same tired premise: “I don’t like it, and therefore no one should like it.”

Now, I don’t like many games, but I understand the merits and positive qualities of even some of the oldest, most shop-worn MMORPGs. First-person shooters make me disoriented because of the camera placement, but that doesn’t make them bad. In fact, one of my favorite series of games, Bioshock, was all told in first-person, but that didn’t affect the quality of the game. (Of course, I had to play it in super-easy mode just so that I could get through it without getting sick, but that’s beside the point.)

So in that vein, I would like to present my argument for why I believe the rumormongers are wrong about SWTOR.

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Sea of Thieves offers up its full NYCC panel on multiplayer, holds players to ‘Pirate’s Code’

This month, Sea of Thieves has been beating pretty hard on the drum of “our multiplayer is going to be better than most other multiplayer experiences” from the deck of its pirate ship. The crux of this argument came at Rare’s panel during New York Comic Con, during which the team spent an hour trying to explain some of the tools and design features that it is using to encourage cooperative play and good sportsmanship.

This panel, by the way, included a seven-article “Pirate’s Code” that the team is using as a code of conduct for all players to agree and abide.

If you need to hear it for yourself, the team finally released the full, uncut panel video for its fans and any others who might need to be convinced as to the veracity of these claims. For those who lack an hour to watch the full panel, there’s thankfully a list of written highlights courtesy of Rare Thief.

Next up for Sea of Thieves is a trip to PAX Australia, where visitors can get their hands on a demo of the Xbox One version of the game.

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From New York Comic Con, SWTOR and Timothy Zahn welcome you to Copero

The developers for Star Wars: The Old Republic held their Cantina Tour event just outside New York Comic Con last night. To help promote the SWTOR content “Traitor Among the Chiss” coming to the game this fall, BioWare developers as well as favored Star Wars novelist and creator of the Chiss species Timothy Zahn spoke about the newest planetary addition: Copero.

At the NYCC, BioWare Creative Director Charles Boyd mentioned that Zahn was a key consultant in the creation of Copero, a planet located in the Chiss Ascendancy. “It was a fun chance to explore Chiss culture that hasn’t come up in the books yet, like Chiss structures and rituals,” the official SWTOR Twitter account quoted from Zahn at the event. “It’s fun to start theorizing about how the Chiss could have withdrawn from the greater galaxy over time… between the Old Republic and the films, and possibly explore how that happened in a future update.”

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Sea of Thieves prepares for its NYCC panel

Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate took a couple of minutes to bring the community up to date on what’s going on with the game’s upcoming appearance at New York Comic Con 2017. He said that the team will be hosting a panel on the evening of October 7th to talk about the game’s features and why the members feel so driven to create this multiplayer experience.

“For us, it’s critical with a game like Sea of Thieves — a sandbox where players can pursue their own goals and own objectives in this pirate world — is that the richer set of player motivations, of players, the more diverse of people, the mindsets that we have in there, the richer the experience is going to be for everyone,” he said.

Check out Neate’s full statement below!

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Star Wars: The Old Republic producer’s stream promises more group content and more on the next expansion

Have you already played the final chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Fallen Empire? Did you feel that it sort of failed to wrap up the story definitively? According to the latest producer’s stream, that was entirely intentional; this last chapter was the end of this expansion, but not the end of the story, and there’s more to be told with the upcoming Knights of the Eternal Throne. More information about that expansion is due for release with the New York Comic Con Cantina event in early October.

The stream also confirms that players can look forward to more group content, although the developers aren’t ready to talk about what sort of content is in development. The exclusive HK-55 chapter is due out in September, with a much more lighthearded tone than the other story chapters thus far. You can check out the archive of the producer’s stream just below, or you can just catch up by reading Dulfy’s summary of the information therein.

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